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How AI, XR Technology are Changing the Face of Film (AnOther Magazine)

At Venice Film Festival 2023, Alex Denney travels to Immersive Island to trial a number of AI and XR technologies changing the future of cinema.... More

M&E Journal: The Next Way We Do Entertainment Production

The filmed entertainment Industry has been through many changes over the past 125 years; however, recent changes have reshaped the industry permanently. It’s safe to say that... More

XR, AR, VR, MR: What’s the Difference in Reality? (Arm Blueprint)

What does eXtended Reality (XR) mean, and how does it relate to VR, AR and MR? Arm’s Director of XR and Wearables, Jacob Hooker, explains.... More

Verizon Media Launches ‘Immersive’ XR Content, Ad Platform (MESA)

Verizon Media has launched a new extended reality (XR) platform, geared toward providing advertising and content powered by 5G in the augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed ... More

A Fully Blended World is Almost in Reach With XR (Avanade Insights)

We’re spending about a quarter of our waking hours on our mobile devices, with about half of that time dedicated to social media. Facebook, Instagram, Slack, Fortnite … our dig... More

MicroStrategy, Analysts: AI, ML, Cloud, 5G to Play Growing Roles in Analytics, Mobility

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), the cloud, voice/conversational computing, 5G, extended reality (XR) and HyperIntelligence will be playing increasingly signifi... More