MESA Exec to Focus on Storage at NAB


What is the future of consumer entertainment storage? Future trends point toward a content landscape featuring a physical and electronic media mix where the end-user will be able to obtain their programming from many sources. What’s in store for future storage and what does it mean to content owners and their service providers?

Guy Finley, MESA Director of Community Development, will be moderating a panel on this subject as part of the official NAB program in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 19 as part of the 3rd Annual Conference on Creative Storage! at the Flamingo Hotel. “Higher resolution in theatres and in homes and mobile devices are driving enormous growth in demand for digital storage,” says Finley. “This session will demonstrate how major media equipment suppliers, service providers and their entertainment industry customers expect to adapt a widening array of storage solutions in all aspects of content creation and distribution.”

Featured panelists will include SAVVIS Senior Director of Media and Entertainment Markets, Tom Moran who also serves as Chairman of the Digital Supply Chain Committee of MESA. Moran is the primary architect of business-to-business systems that are now the industry standard practice for production and distribution of media content electronically as opposed to the more costly, risky and time-consuming processes associated with handling physical media.

Other panelists include Sandra Benedetto, Director, Pro Video Sales & Product Planning, Pioneer Electronics who will be highlighting the Blu-ray format’s application in the professional market, illustrating how its large storage capacity, advanced A/V codecs and interactive and network capabilities provide a viable solution for industrial, mass storage, enterprise archive systems.

Tony Jasionowski , Senior Group Manager, Panasonic Corporation of North America (PNA) Technology Liaison & Alliances Group (TLAG) will also be explaining during the Q&A how this rapidly expanding High Definition (HD) packaged movie media format is also growing in IT, broadcast and professional work flow applications for
archiving and publishing.

Meanwhile, Richard Bullwinkle, Chief Evangelist, Macrovision, will be speaking about how today’s “everywhere, everytime” media landscape is changing the game for the storage industry, demanding storage devices and remote storage sites that present a seamless user interface.

“The session will also discuss the tough question, ‘Who ultimately owns the user interface?’ especially as the industry continues to build storage and consumer devices with content streaming from multiple sources. The presentation will address some of the next generation technologies, such as interoperability-based and guidance solutions, that could drive more revenue for content delivery providers and storage device manufacturers in the ecosystem,” he explains. New technologies, applications and data scheduled to be presented include:

  • Marvell’s SheevaPlug, an embedded computer that plugs into the wall socket and runs network based services with PC class processing power, enabling easily configurable and readily accessible storage in the home and providing remote, always-on data access and sharing capabilities
  • Microsoft’s 228TB tapeless workflow system for its XBOX product line and internal post production lines of business
  • Key data management trends for production storage including: scale-out architectures for animation, special effects as well as active archives; the implementation of security technologies to maintain security within and between facilities during production and post-production workflows; as well as the impact of security on content delivery as it moves towards a much more decentralized business model.
  • Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates will also present data from the 2009 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report, as well as the just released 2009 Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics Report. He will also give some results from the 2009 Storage Survey of Media and Entertainment Professionals (done in cooperation with SMPTE). Copies of a summary of the Media and Entertainment Professional Survey will be made available at no charge to conference attendees.

MESA members benefit from a $100 discount for the entire conference program. Simply enter your priority code 1233709387 when you register at the event site: www.creativestorage.org