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CPS EU: BuyDRM Brings Just-in-Time Watermarking Insights

At the June 29 Content Protection Summit Europe (CPS EU) event, Christopher Levy, CEO and founder of DRM and content security services provider BuyDRM, will share how forensic just... More

How Digital Workflows Help Companies Thrive in a Hybrid Work World

Digital workflows can significantly help organizations thrive in the hybrid work world we are in today as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Simon Longbottom, VP of pr... More

M&E Journal: Virtual Creative Economies: Blockchain NFTs and the Future of Digital Media

Over the past few months, blockchain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have rapidly moved from its incubation period within the community of crypto artists and developers into one of the ... More

How Tamr Helped Screenrights Support Content Creators Through Data Mastering With Machine Learning

Screenrights, a company that manages royalty licensing for educational broadcast content in Australia and New Zealand, needed to find a better way to scale its efforts and accurate... More

How SASE Improves Cloud Security, Reduces Costs and Increases Network Performance

Gartner’s “The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud” report spells out the potential for the transformation of networking and security in the cloud, built upon a new ne... More

Study: More Digital Reliance Leads to Careless Security Side Effects

The pandemic-led, widespread move to digital-first interactions has also resulted in people sacrificing privacy and good security practices for convenience. Poor password choices, ... More

M&E Journal: Securely Preserving Digital Content in a Hybrid Storage Architecture

Media workflows have gone through tremendous transformation with traditional infra-structure and processes giving way to hybrid operations blending on-premise compute and storage h... More

DigitalFilm Tree and [email protected] Dig Deep Into Virtual Production

When the Entertainment Technology Centre at the University of Southern California ([email protected]) set out to produce Ripple Effect, an R&D short film testing virtual and remote produ... More

Synamedia to Map Streaming Piracy Threats at CPS EU Event

With more streaming services comes more piracy, as content pirates exploit vulnerabilities at every point of the video distribution chain, costing OTT service providers billions in... More

MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: June 14-18

Bluescape and Amazon Web Services (AWS) team up to discuss transformative collaboration using disruptive solutions. Omniscien Technologies offers insights into real-world applicati... More

HPA Turns the Spotlight on Virtualised Production Technologies

Critical workflows were virtualised across productions during the pandemic to accomplish a wide range of tasks including onboarding, cutting, visualising, creating music and render... More

How AI Can Be Used to Help M&E Companies Gain Audience Insights

Media and entertainment companies have a unique opportunity to analyze changes that have taken place in viewing behavior, sentiment and the associated implications on programming c... More

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