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HITS Advisory Services Introduced in Jan. 26 Virtual Event

In the midst of the pandemic, media and entertainment has been afforded a unique opportunity: the chance to transform IT to a global scale, taking cues from other industries to ali... More

PADEM Media Group’s McLennan Hits Wall Street Journal Bestselling List at No. 4

PADEM Media Group chief executive Allan McLennan joined the ranks of Wall Street Journal bestsellers as a co-author of the new book, “Authority: Strategic Concepts from 15 Intern... More

CES 2021: You Can’t See It All in One Sitting

After years of working the floor at CES, it’s easy to summarize: dumb from the neck up, numb from the neck down. This year was worse. You couldn’t “miss” a keynote, press e... More

Netflix Eyes New Opportunities for Growth Amid Increased Competition

As the number of major streaming video rivals continued to grow in the fourth quarter (ended Dec. 31), Netflix still sees new opportunities to grow subscribers and increase the amo... More

Three Capabilities Streaming Services Need to Capitalize on New Consumer Behaviors

Consumer media consumption behavior has changed irrevocably during the COVID-19 pandemic: OTT platforms experienced a 17% increase in the number of viewing households this year, an... More

The Pandemic Accelerated the Focus of Serving the Viewer

Tenet painfully clawed itself to maybe $80 million in ticket sales in the U.S. and perhaps $400 million globally while most major projects were slid into next year or worse, slippe... More

Content Workflow Management Forum Program Takes Shape

The program for the 25 Feb. Content Workflow Management Forum — “M&E’s Premiere Localization Event” — is beginning to take shape, with discussions around the state of... More

CES 2021: 5G, Pandemic-Accelerated Innovation Among Key Tech, Themes

The growth of 5G next-generation wireless technology and the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on technology were among the major themes at the first all-digital CES, Jan. 11-14. The... More

Cyberhaven: How to Protect Sensitive Data With Context and Perfect Recall

There are pros and cons to legacy data loss prevention (DLP) technologies that are used to protect sensitive data and intellectual property, and there are several reasons why Cyber... More

PacketFabric Explores Connectivity, the Cloud and the Creative Process

As the changing media and entertainment sector’s workflows and tools move into the cloud like never before, the ecosystem’s networks and cloud pathways have become a vital elem... More

Tough Times Produce New Creative Content Opportunities

Well, we did it. We bought a 2021 calendar. We hardly used last year’s and if this year is going to suck like 2020, we can always recycle. Despite all the corporate blood-lett... More

Xcapsim Learning: Improved Cybersecurity Awareness, Retention

London-based Xcapsim Learning came about with the understanding that traditional methods of in-company training weren’t doing the job, with employees retaining roughly 30 percent... More

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