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Retailers Can Forecast Replenishment Needs With ‘Demand Chain Management’ Software

SilkRoute Global, a provider of retail supply chain solutions, launches a “demand chain management” software/service package for product replenishment forecasting in partnership with data warehousing company .

Under the agreement, retailers will contract with SilkRoute Global for the use of the Teradata DCM solution running on a Teradata Active Data Warehouse. Teradata DCM focuses on consumer demand at individual stores and uses point-of-sale data and other information to create sales forecasts of each item, by store and by day. These forecasts serve to pull inventory through the supply chain based on expected sales across the store network. This is in contrast to the older supply line approach that pushes products to the marketplace based on available inventory.

“Utilizing the software-as-a-service model is a great way for retailers and their suppliers to reduce the typical solution deployment time and cost and to free their resources to focus on core business activities,” says Ron Lund, SilkRoute Global CEO.