Italian Disc Suppliers Adopt CDSA Security Standards

GD Packaging and Partners Choose CDSA for Accreditation Across Their Entire Supply Chain

MILAN, ITALY — In a move designed to secure the manufacturing and distribution of Blu-ray, DVD and CD products throughout the entire Italian entertainment supply chain, GD Packaging has become the first packaging company to gain CDSA Content Protection and Security (CPS) accreditation and has played a primary role in involving its production partners in the program.

In addition to GD Packaging, Easy Replica has gained CDSA CPS and Copyright and Licensing Verification (CLV) accreditation, while GDD Manufacturing and Starmaster are both working towards their CPS and CLV accreditation.
These recent announcements are part of a nationwide adoption of the CDSA content security and copyright protection standards. Also accredited in Italy are IMS and Decibel Trading Service (CLV) with IMS and Duplas Avelca both working towards CPS accreditation.

As GD Packaging General Manager Stefano Goy explains, “Improving security and anti-counterfeiting measures has always been a priority at our company. After completing an anti-intrusion set-up and implementing CCTV system and access control we achieved CDSA CPS accreditation as of January 2010. However, it was clear that we were only as secure as the weakest link in our supply chain. As a result we gathered together our partners, including replicators, printers and stampers, to encourage them to join as well. Being CDSA accredited assures our clients a single point of reference. Even though clients know a project will be handled by various companies, this program guarantees confidence in the accuracy and security of the final product from creation through distribution.”

Peter Wallace, Director, EMEA for CDSA adds, “The Italian market has taken a leadership role in the widespread adoption of our program with the understanding that much of the work in the optical disc marketplace requires the participation of multiple partners. The effort of GD Packaging to secure their entire entertainment supply chain is an initiative that resounds in other markets around Europe and the world.”

Based in Pioltello (east of Milan), GD PACKAGING is one of the largest external packagers all over Europe and located in a logistically strategic area for supplying the north and center of Italy.

About CDSA’s Content Protection and Security Standards
For over a decade, CDSA has been recognized as the worldwide leader of Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs. CDSA’s Content Protection and Security Standards were first written in 2007 by an international team of intellectual property, anti-piracy and security experts from both the physical and digital arenas, thus giving coverage to the entire media supply chain. By implementing these Standards, organizations effectively demonstrate process approaches for the handling, manufacturing, storage and delivery of valuable entertainment, software, information and assets in the home entertainment, video game and music industries.

About CDSA
CDSA, the Content Delivery & Security Association (formerly IRMA, the International Recording Media Association), is the international content protection association. For over 40 years, it has served as the worldwide forum advocating the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software and information content. Founded in 1970, this global trade association’s membership includes companies involved in every facet along the digital and physical media supply chain. Beginning with the audiocassette, through the home video revolution, and into today’s digital delivery era, CDSA has always been the organization companies have turned to for news, networking, market research, information services, and leadership.

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