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CDSA Launches Content Security Risk Assessment Program

CDSA, the International Content Protection Association, has announced a new industry service that will provide content holders with a rapid response assessment of security procedures in effect at new service providers and production partners.

The Content Security Risk Assessment (CSRA) program will produce in less than two week’s time a report of a site’s preparedness to protect the intellectual property of a studio, game company, or music label. Using a newly developed scorecard based on CDSA’s Content Protection Security standard (CPS), the CSRA program is being offered in response to a growing market demand for quick and short-term assessments.

The new program is based on work already being performed by CDSA’s auditors on a contract basis for leading companies such as Electronic Arts.

“In order to properly assure the ongoing security compliance of a site it is essential that CDSA conduct a thorough series of audits over a period of a 18 months; the CPS standard is built on this premise,” explains CDSA Worldwide Director Linda Dyson. “However, in today’s dynamic marketplace content holders do not always have the time to wait and production and supply chain pressures often require a quick spot check of a site’s preparedness.  The CSRA program is being launched in response to this demand and, it is hoped, will lead to many more sites undergoing the full process of CDSA CPS accreditation.”

CDSA will not grade a site’s overall compliance based on the CSRA, but will simply submit final scorecard rating data for customer evaluation. CSRA sites will not receive CDSA accreditation, nor will they be eligible to use any CDSA or CPS branding or logos; the results of these site visits will remain confidential between the association, the site, and the contracting organization.

CSRA is the latest in CDSA’s expanding series of anti-piracy and compliance programs that began more than 10 years ago with the launch of the Copyright and Licensing Verification Program (CLV), and was advanced more recently with the widely adopted Content Protection Security standard (CPS).

For more information about CSRA, contact Linda Dyson via email at [email protected].