Universal: Studio Has ‘Closed Doors’ on Content Leaks with CDSA Vendor Program

Universal was first among major studios to work with the Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA) on a vendor accreditation program that incorporates the association’s content protection standards. Now, with “just about all” of its international vendors either accredited or “well on their way” to certification with CDSA, Universal’s Paul Chesney reports that the initiative has “closed doors and prevented some opportunities for content theft.”

In an interview with Digital2Disc, Chesney, who serves as Universal’s VP of International Operations, says that working with CDSA was a “no brainer” after the executive “looked at the international landscape” and “realized that there was no common standard of content protection across the entire supply chain.” The CDSA’s independent audit certification system, Chesney says, “appeared to offer the best possibility” of a uniform content protection approach for all vendors that handle the studio’s pre-release assets.

Full story is available for download here.