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Jargon Technologies Simplifies App Creation with JargonTalk

Jargon Technologies on Dec. 7  announced the launch of JargonTalk, a cross-platform technology designed to simplify the creation of advanced interactive apps for a multitude of devices.

The new technology, Jargon says, is in response to demand for interconnected apps running on multiple platforms and devices, including Blu-ray players and tablets. “Consumers are demanding a richer experience for their entertainment,” says Bhanu Srikanth, Jargon co-founder and CEO. “For the industry to meet these demands, content creators need to be able to rapidly develop interactive applications that work on all sorts of devices.”

Jargon notes that creating such interactive features is often challenging, due to competing platforms such as iOS and Android, as well as the plethora of devices available on each platform. Combining mobile functionality with Blu-ray applications or other set-top box platforms, the company adds, requires an understanding of underlying firmware, operating systems, and network protocols.

“What we have done with JargonTalk is built a robust abstraction layer, alleviating these complexities, so developers can focus on the creative content and user experience,” says Srikanth. “In addition to streamlining development of multi-screen apps, JargonTalk enables discovery and use of services available on the network, such as printers, cameras and other devices. JargonTalk makes it easy to add social media integration and content sharing to apps on devices that may not have built-in web browsing capability.”

Over the past year, Jargon has used the technology internally for building applications for studio clients. The company demonstrated apps created with JargonTalk at the Blu-Tech Summit in Universal City, Calif. on Wednesday.

“The early response from our licensees is truly exciting,” comments Srikanth.

JargonTalk is now available for licensing to select partners, with general availability expected in 2012.