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Dell Webinar Addresses Critical Data Issues for Studios and Service Providers

One hour can generate a terabyte of data and require massive amounts of computer processing time to render, presenting a new set of challenges to existing infrastructure. Creating, analyzing, storing, and accessing enormous amounts of digital data are pressing issues for many organizations, and solving these problems within their digital supply chain can even land some of them on the red carpet!

In an exclusive webinar for MESA on Wednesday, August 8th, Anthony Dina, Dell’s Enterprise Technologist, Server Solutions, will provide case studies and strategic operational insight that is designed to clarify to attendees how companies can reign in big data and harness its power to drive efficiencies in both IT costs and production processes.

“I don’t have to tell you that producing visual effects is all about bytes,” says Dell’s Steve Felice. As Pixomondo CEO Thilo Kuther further explains, “visual effects are not to be confused with special effects, which involve explosions on the set; visual effects involve explosions created on a computer.” For example, “Essentially every component of every frame in the 854 shots Pixomondo worked on for Martin Scorcese’s ‘Hugo’ — from Hugo’s clock to a menu or an umbrella — represents a chunk of data that must be encoded, stored, and manipulated.”

Then the data must be moved — securely. Pixomondo has a global network of studios in Germany, Los Angeles, Burbank, London, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, and Toronto in order to work on a 24-hour cycle that pushes data from one office to the next, following the sun.

Pixomondo couldn’t afford to lose a day of productivity; “Hugo”’s editing schedule was 20 weeks shorter than usual. They turned to Dell to take control of the massive data that drove an intense work schedule, and Dell in turn got to root for an Academy Award-nominated customer!

In the one-hour webinar, Dell will share some of the answers that Pixomondo, as well as other leading companies, have found to efficiently and effectively create, analyze, store, and access enormous amounts of digital data with their solutions. The results: Pixomondo can perform its “magic” without any downtime. For a short video on how Pixmondo does more with Dell, click here.

The technologies that a 24/7/365 global visual effects house uses to attack big data with ease are available for any business. “Taking Control of Big Data: No Magic Necessary” takes place on Wednesday, August 8th from 11 a.m. to Noon Pacific. The webinar is targeted toward executives, directors, and managers at studios; post production facilities; digital media service providers; production companies; broadcast TV, cable networks, and other content holders; and production partners and distributors in media and entertainment who are looking for efficient and effective ways to create, analyze, store and access enormous amounts of digital data. Audience questions will be answered in real time by Dell’s leading expert.

For additional information, visit https://www.mesaonline.org/webinars/2012/dell/.To register for the complimentary event, click here.