Smart Screen Exclusive

Google Adds Chromecast Apps

By Chris Tribbey

Google Chromecast, the USB-powered HDMI dongle that allows users to stream content from tablets, phones and laptops, is beefing up its app offerings, Google announced Dec. 10.

The $35 device quickly sold out when it initially launched over the summer, and has proven popular among consumers, according to The NPD Group, which announced earlier this month that one in three are aware of the device.

In addition to Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Pandora, Google has added Vevo, Red Bull.TV, Songza, PostTV, Viki, Revision 3 and BeyondPOD to the Chromecast line-up. Google is hoping Chromecast proves a serious competitor to Apple TV and Roku.

“And for those many holiday gatherings, you can also cast your personal media straight to your TV using Plex, Avia, or RealPlayer Cloud apps,” said Jennifer Wasson, Chromecast business development manager. “There’s no need to huddle around small screens when you can share your own photos and videos using your phone, tablet, or laptop.”

The device also supports streaming of content via Google’s Chrome browser.