NAB 2016: Crawford Media Services Chooses GrayMeta Iris Software for Media Workflows (MESA)

GrayMeta, a leading provider of metadata solutions that brings tremendous value to company assets, today announced that Crawford Media Services bought Iris™ software for its media operations for digitization, asset management, post-production and other services. GrayMeta will be demonstrating its new metadata technologies and products this week at the 2016 NAB show in Las Vegas. “Service providers like Crawford are the creative commons of the media industry, where the rubber hits the road,” said Mark Gray, president for GrayMeta. “Crawford has been a longtime thought leader in the archive, modern production and asset management spaces, and shares our commitment to the industry to treat data and metadata in the best possible way regardless of the equipment, software, automation and people who create them. With this purchase, Crawford is fulfilling the promise we had in mind for Iris.”

“We’ve been using GrayMeta’s reference media player since 2013,” said Steve Davis, CTO at Crawford Media Services. “We’re delighted that its successor, Iris, addresses today’s most pressing advances and problems in media operations — collaboration among parallel workflows, people interacting with automation, and an ever-increasing reliance on metadata to glue them all together.”

Iris templates tell Crawford’s operators instantly whether media files are correct or not, to the specifications of each stage of their workflows, whether receiving media files, making files, managing files or shipping files.

Iris projects speed up workflows by letting Crawford’s operators understand what they see and hear, talk about it in a modern social-media style, and preserve any and all metadata that comes into a process, whether that metadata was embedded in the files, in related documents, or annotated by Crawford’s operators from their own subject matter expertise.

Iris is the industry standard in media reference players, online collaboration tools, and metadata search and file retrieval. Iris is capable of playing every video and audio format, from uncompressed 4K to DNxHD145, on any computer, using any output method (DVI, HDMI, SDI etc.). Iris plays files exactly as they’re meant to be played, so you know what you’re looking at is truth. It will even hijack a monitor and take control of frame rates, refresh rates, colors and other settings to produce the most accurate picture possible.

Iris comes with powerful visual tools such as vectorscopes, waveform monitors, audio routers, phase meters, and HDR color gamut inspectors. It also features collaboration tools that allow multiple Iris users to see the same video and make per frame annotations, notes, and real time messages for authorized users. Files and folders are organized into project bins that can be shared with other users so that everyone is on the same page. From within the Iris interface, users can search all of their projects by all the metadata harvested by MetaFarm™ so that finding the high speed camera shot with a specific frame rate, the audio file with an approval comment from your customer, or the quote you sent indicating the work you were going to do can be done all from one place.