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INTX: FreeCast’s Universal Interface is the Secret Sauce for All Set Top Boxes, Other Media Devices (MESA)

As INTX continues in Boston, and the FCC proceeds with efforts to unlock the cable set top box, FreeCast has joined the Consumer Video Choice Coalition to advocate for a more competitive and innovative ecosystem for third-party device makers. When the cable monopoly on set top boxes is finally broken, FreeCast will lead the charge, not only by creating hardware of their own, but also with its online media guide: a single universal interface through which consumers can access all streaming video, on all of their devices, set top boxes included. FreeCast CEO William Mobley elaborated on the importance of a universal UI for innovation in the set top box market: “There are already third party set top boxes from Roku, Apple TV, and others, but really they’re just app managers. To go from HBO to Hulu, for example, they’re two completely different experiences, and there’s no good way to search all of them at once. The value proposition of an open set top box market is that a universal interface can bring together OTT content, OTA broadcasts, your cable channels and on-demand content, and more. We’re building that interface and making it available on all platforms, from set top boxes to smart phones; one seamless experience that transcends individual devices.”

Dubbed an agnostic Media Aggregation Platform, FreeCast’s service is built to power the media experiences of the future. While many services have apps on multiple devices and operating systems, FreeCast’s is the only one to draw content from multiple video sources, so that consumers can browse or search them all at once. With this universal UI, FreeCast’s service has already found a home on almost all devices that consumers use to access media.

As it makes its way onto set top boxes, consumers will find that their televisions can once again serve as entertainment hubs without the hassle that they’ve become accustomed to as OTT services have proliferated.