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To FreeCast, FCC Decision is an Afterthought (MESA)

With the FCC’s imminent decision on the future of the cable set-top box grabbing headlines, it’s easy to forget about the reality of the TV business. Consumers won’t continue to pay $231 a year per cable box, whether the FCC takes their side or not. They have already rejected the exorbitant fees, dated hardware, and inflexible service associated with their cable boxes, with the cord-cutting trend only accelerating. Having created a universal user interface that brings millions of pieces of web-based content to all connected devices, FreeCast is one of the leading companies that has fueled this shift by consumers to web-based video.

FreeCast CEO William Mobley offered a frank assessment of the situation for the FCC and cable providers. “No matter what the FCC says, consumers are not satisfied with the hardware they’re getting from their cable companies. So much of the change in this industry is device-driven. Consumers want to watch movies and TV shows on their tablets, their smartphones, their PCs, and more. If the big pay-TV providers won’t let them do that, they’ll find services that will give them access to the media they want from around the world, not the few hundred unwanted channels that you get with cable bundles.”

SelectTV was designed by FreeCast to meet consumers’ expectations, by bringing the wide availability of free and paid content from competing sources together in a web-based TV experience. In addition to being present on consumers’ various media devices, SelectTV satisfies content providers by directing users to secure and legal sources of content. With a white label version of this system available, current cable or bandwidth providers are able to take advantage of and generate new revenues, not in spite of, but directly from the current trends that are hurting the TV industry.