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FreeCast Strikes Deal with UCapture (MESA)

FreeCast has announced a new partnership with UCapture to sell the online media guide service via the rewards shopping platform. A portion of the subscription revenues for each sale via this platform will fund UCapture’s environmental projects, which include reforestation efforts, methane and landfill gas capture, and renewable energy production.

“This is a wonderful opportunity all around,” FreeCast CEO William Mobley said. “Our mission has always been to help our users make smarter media decisions, saving them money. Through UCapture, we can be a part of a smart environmental decision too. These projects we’ll be funding are so important to a sustainable future for our planet, and we’re proud to be able to play a part in that.”

In addition to CO2 offsets resulting from these sales, users who sign up for SelectTV via UCapture will be able to do so at a reduced rate of $24 per year, a 33% from the regular $2.99 monthly price.

Avery Michaelson, Founder and CEO of UCapture also praised the partnership with FreeCast. “Products like SelectTV are such a great fit for us. Here we have a product that makes use of existing devices and services, which conserves energy and keeps costs low for the consumer. With the carbon offsets we’ll be able to provide with these revenues, we’re able to make SelectTV both an economic and an environmental no-brianer.”