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Technicolor’s Marc Rachlin: How to Leverage Logistics Resources to Meet Demand for Direct to Consumer Delivery (MESA)

In a podcast interview, Marc Rachlin, VP of National Operations with Technicolor’s Home Entertainment Services division, explains how Technicolor is ideally placed to provide these services along with B2B delivery. And, he says, there are considerable advantages to using one supplier for B2B and B2C delivery, or so-called omni-channel supply chain solutions.

“Some of our B2B clients have fragmented their business by using delivery service providers specifically for direct-to-consumer delivery, but by providing those services along with B2B services we enable them to maximize inventory in one central location. By taking this approach our clients are able get better freight rates, and get one-stop management for all of their fulfillment services,” explains Rachlin.

Offering a direct-to-consumer service greatly increases the geographic spread of destinations that must be serviced, and the number of orders that must be delivered. These that requirements Rachlin says Technicolor is well placed to meet.

“Our distribution centers are located where they can service a large percent of the populated areas. Our service offerings include international destinations. We provide strong inventory management and we leverage our IT services to enable clients to integrate their systems and ours however they wish. A key requirement in the direct-to-consumer market is being able to quickly turn orders around. That, along with really good inventory management the key to success because any discrepancy can hold up delivery of a customer’s order.”

Technicolor offers a complete fulfillment package that includes order processing, very aggressive service level agreements (SLAs), and full end-to-end freight services with a wide array of low cost options.

“We have a web-based inquiry system so customers have full transparency into all our fulfillment services including inventory, order processing, the ability to view tracking numbers, proof of deliveries, and, more importantly, cost-to-service reporting,” says Rachlin.

“Our customers can see what it’s costing them to do business in the direct-to-consumer space. We will also manage the project for them from an on-boarding perspective where we take the lead role in doing any and all integrations.”

These, says Rachlin, are clients’ core requirements of their B2C distribution partners, but Technicolor goes further with a range of additional offerings.

“We can provide value-added services including print, packaging, and an array of other services to support the direct-to-consumer business. A lot of other providers do not include these as part of their offerings.”