Expert System Honored as a Top Company in ‘Knowledge Management’ (MESA)

Expert System has been named as one of KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2018. This special honor and distinction is compiled over the course of the year via input from editors, analysts, experts and, most importantly, users. It consists of companies that capture KMWorld attention for various reasons including functionality, demonstrated success with clients, creativity and innovation.

“What we have been witnessing is the convergence of traditional Knowledge Management with Artificial Intelligence. Our customers are not only looking to improve decisions, they’re also looking at automation as a source of efficiency,” said Daniel Mayer, SVP Products at Expert System. “We are honored to be recognized by KMWorld as one of the leading players in this emerging landscape.”

“The organizations named this year to our list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management have captured and sustained our interest through their functionality, success with clients and innovation,” says KMWorld Editor Sandra Haimila. “When we look at the technologies they offer, we are awed by the progress, excited by what the future will bring and confident they will enrich our lives. The companies we have chosen for our 2018 list have proven their business value to customers. We are impressed.”

With a growing appreciation for the role of knowledge as a foundation for competitive advantage, enterprises are turning to AI platforms to analyze the full range of data that is available to them.

At the forefront of this trend, Expert System’s Cogito® Platform leverages semantics and machine learning to enable smarter decisions by augmenting enterprise knowledge with insights extracted at scale from unstructured data (such as contracts, customer correspondence, medical reports, press articles or social media posts for example).