Digimarc Verify Launches Within Esko Automation Engine (MESA)

Digimarc announced the availability of Digimarc Verify for Esko Automation Engine, a scripted application built specifically for use within Esko workflows.

Esko Automation Engine is a leading workflow solution in the packaging industry, and Digimarc Verify integrates quality control tools directly into an Automation Engine server, giving prepress operators the ability to automatically confirm the Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) in Digimarc Barcode matches the GTIN in the UPC or EAN barcode, saving operators time and making the quality control process easier.

“We’re seeing growing demand for Digimarc Barcode in the industry,” said Paul Land, Product Manager at Esko. “The integration of Digimarc Verify within the Esko Automation Engine enables prepress operators to obtain automated and scalable quality control for enhanced artwork within the workflow they already use.”

Digimarc Verify for Esko is one piece of a larger set of Digimarc technologies designed to inspect digital content, proofs and printed sheets to validate and evaluate Digimarc Barcode implementation. Digimarc Verify is being offered across mobile (iOS and Android), desktop (MacOS and Windows) and in workflow solutions, such as Esko. As Digimarc Barcode continues to expand its industry footprint, Digimarc is providing prepress and print professionals the tools they need to manage quality and data integrity with Digimarc Barcode.

“By integrating quality assurance tools directly into the workflow we use every day, Digimarc Verify dramatically speeds up our overall production process,” said Todd Haskins, R&D Systems Specialist at Flower City Printing. “This is an easy to use program that seamlessly integrates into our existing production workflow and allows our prepress operators to ensure any possible errors are caught well before a potential costly mistake.”

Digimarc Barcode is an advanced, imperceptible code added to product packaging, retail labels, POP displays and print material. It is reliably and efficiently scanned by consumer phones, associate mobile devices and retail barcode scanners. Retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers benefit from easier checkout, improved consumer engagement and supply chain efficiencies.

“Digimarc Verify will make it easier for the labeling industry to take advantage of Digimarc Barcode, while simultaneously reducing the error rate that may occur in operations,” said Nico Van de Walle, product manager, Verstraete IML, a Multi-Color Company. “We see this as another forward step by Digimarc in providing tools that will further drive the deployment of Digimarc Barcode.”

“Esko Automation Engine offers analysis and standard reporting within the industry’s dominant application for workflow automation,” said Chris Shepard, Platform Enablement Director, Digimarc. “With the addition of Digimarc Verify directly within this engine, prepress operators now have a seamless method of implementing quality control for Digimarc Barcode.”