New CNN Affiliate Looks to Avid for Workflow Solutions (MESA)

Gener 2, a civil engineering companies in Albania launching its first TV channel — A2 TV, an exclusive CNN affiliate — is looking to Avid for a host of workflow solutions to get the station off the ground, the companies announced.

Avid’s MediaCentral platform, Maestro graphics solutions and NEXIS software-defined storage platform will all be employed by A2 TV’s 24-hour news service, which is expected to begin broadcasting by the end of the year.

“Given CNN’s international standards and reputation, and Gener 2’s position in the Albanian market, it’s extremely important that A2 TV features the very best technology,” said Andri Kasneci, CEO of A2. “With our new channel, we are looking to set new milestones in the Albanian media, and Avid’s solutions are essential to achieving this.”

MediaCentral’s Newsroom Management solution will help facilitate the creation, management, and distribution of newsroom stories while the MediaCentral Production Management solution will help the station manage production workflows. A2’s use of the Maestro graphics solution will allow the broadcaster to include 2D and 3D graphics capabilities.

“This is an exciting opportunity to help design a system from the ground up and see some of Avid’s newest innovations at work,” said Tom Cordiner, SVP of global sales for Avid. “We’re confident that A2 will realize its ambitions and we’re eager to see the results.”