Tata Communications Launches Service for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing (MESA)

Tata Communications today announced that it is one of the launch partners for the new Microsoft Teams Direct Routing capability. Calling In Microsoft Teams can be delivered over Tata Communications’ Tier-1 global network, helping enterprises worldwide offer their employees a reliable, high-quality collaboration user experience.

The new Direct Routing capability utilises Tata Communications’ position as the world’s number one wholesale voice carrier and its Global SIP Connect service. This means that enterprises can connect their existing voice infrastructures to the Microsoft Teams environment directly, anywhere in the world. It ensures a seamless collaboration experience between Microsoft Teams calls, and, because Tata Communications’ new offering is equipped with telephony interoperability and support for legacy analogue devices, it eliminates the complexity that some enterprises may face when integrating existing voice services with the Microsoft Teams platform.

This latest collaboration between Tata Communications and Microsoft builds on the companies’ long-standing collaboration in enabling enterprises worldwide to make the most of cloud-based applications. Tata Communications’ IZO™ Private Connect service harnesses’ the company’s global network to provide enterprises with secure, borderless and reliable access to applications and data in Office 365.

The new Direct Routing capability by Tata Communications is underpinned by this same global infrastructure, which enables enterprises to reach more than 240 countries and territories across more than 500 PoPs. Therefore, the service allows customers to easily leverage the powerful combination of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

“This breakthrough for cloud-based collaboration means that our customers will be able to make the most of the flexibility and scale of Microsoft Teams, whilst leveraging their existing voice assets,” Peter Quinlan, Vice President, Business Collaboration, Tata Communications. “It’s all about enabling enterprises to plan a smooth transition to the cloud and other digital platforms at a pace that works for them, and paving the way for truly borderless, seamless collaboration. In this age of flexible working and globally dispersed teams, our leading-edge performance monitoring tools will also ensure that users everywhere will have the best possible collaboration experience with Microsoft Teams.”