IYUNO: New, Cloud-Based Software Localization Platform an IBC Success (MESA)

At the recent IBC Show, IYUNO Media Group successfully demonstrated MSX, a state-of-the art, cloud- based localization solution, the company announced. “People were truly impressed by the comprehensive toolset of this end-to-end solution,” said David Lee, CEO and founder of IYUNO. “From hiring vendors to performing analytics, each stage of the entire localization process is available in a single platform. All parties in the localization industry can use it – service providers, freelancers, content owners, OTT platforms – absolutely everybody.”

Since all the work on any given project is done on one platform, security is enhanced, he added. Furthermore, every step is completely transparent, which makes project management far more efficient. This gives customers and vendors immediate visibility to track their projects.

Productivity is also improved by an accelerated automated workflow, which can be customized to the needs of individual companies. IYUNO drew on its 16 years of localization experience to develop a tool that streamlines the complete localization process. IYUNO is also trying to leverage Speech-to-Text (STT) and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) tools into its platform to improve time to market, realizing that human QC is still the critical part of the workflow process.

Those who missed out on an MSX demonstration at IBC and want to arrange one can visit