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Technicolor’s Home Hybrid Gateway Receives EasyMesh Certification, Brings Advanced Wi-Fi Capabilities to Market (MESA)

The at home Wi-Fi ecosystem has been in a state of continuous evolution and competition. The demands driven by consumer behaviors and the entry of both new technologies and new market players have placed Network Service Providers in a position where they must develop new services more efficiently, with faster time-to-market in order to stay ahead of potential disruptors.

The EasyMesh standard accelerates the growth of a new ecosystem of vendors, technology developers, platform and service providers that will support the introduction of new innovations for the home.

EasyMesh brings these capabilities to the subscribers’ home networks:

Best placement of multiple Access Points providing extended coverage;
Easy setup that delivers automatic device onboarding and configuration;
Self-organizing and self-optimizing network intelligence that collects information and responds to network conditions to maximize performance;
Effective load balancing that guides devices to roam to the best connection and avoid interference;
Scalability which enables the addition of Wi-Fi EasyMesh access points from multiple vendors.

The Technicolor Hybrid DJA0231 is a powerful Telco Home Gateway (ADSL2+, VDSL2) which also includes LTE connectivity. This Open Services Platform is designed for deployments in mixed network scenarios to ensure flawless connectivity for consumers. It addresses several use cases that include Internet backup when the fixed-line network is down, immediate service activation, and increased connection speeds when bonded with bandwidth available over the fixed-line network.

This smart Hybrid Home Gateway is powered with Technicolor Homeware, an open operating system that provides a standard platform to build, deploy, and support new applications and services more efficiently and faster.

The Homeware operating system is designed to host applications, including those by Technicolor’s partners: CUJO AI, Broadpeak, and AirTies.