CreativeFuture Commends Trustworthy Accountability Group on Launch of New Anti-Piracy Initiative (MESA)

Since 2016, CreativeFuture has partnered with the Trustworthy Accountability Group on an anti-piracy initiative called “Follow the Money.” The initiative alerts advertisers when their clients’ brands appear more than minimally on websites that feature stolen movies and television shows and helps the brands implement effective safeguards to prevent the problem from recurring.

Since the launch of this initiative,the number of ad impressions on pirate content sites has fallen by more than 90 percent, and advertisements from premium brands no longer appear more than minimally on pirate sites.

Now, CreativeFuture is pleased to support TAG’s effort to bring this effective approach to Europe with their new initiative “Project Brand Integrity.”

TAG will be partnering with anti-piracy technology provider White Bullet to monitor when advertisements from reputable brands appear beside stolen content in Europe, and, just as CreativeFuture does in the U.S., alert the brands to the misplaced ads. CreativeFuture’s partnership with TAG has helped to take revenue away from pirate sites in the U.S., while protecting brands from incurring the reputational damage of appearing next to stolen content. With the launch of Project Brand Integrity, we trust that these same benefits to content creators and brands alike will extend to Europe.