NAB 2019: Wasabi to Share Cloud Storage Innovations

When MySpace announced March 18 that a botched server migration had resulted in the loss of 12 years’ worth of music uploaded to the site, the team at storage firm Wasabi could only shake their heads.

Relying on just one brand to store precious assets is always a risky endeavor, and while back-up may not be a big topic among some media and entertainment circles, the MySpace disaster was completely avoidable, and should serve as a lesson, according to Wasabi CEO David Friend.

“Most people don’t think about or know the details of what it takes to store and manage high performance data on a large scale, and simply take storage for granted as consumers, employees, even as IT professionals,” he said. “But there’s a reason why storage is our sole focus. Doing highly scalable, cost-effective data storage right is seriously hard work.

“There are many things a company can do to maintain their competitive advantage and add-value to the market — but unless you HAVE TO BE a storage expert, why would you waste your time attempting it, when the risk of failing is so high?”

That’s the message Wasabi will be bringing to the NAB Show April 6-11, that enterprises of every and any size can have access to affordable, reliable, and secure cloud storage. If MySpace had taken the time to store a second data set with a company like Wasabi, the files would be protected with 99.999999999% (or what’s known in the storage business as 11 9s) of durability.

Wasabi is architected for big data needs of every kind, Friend said, and its mission is to offer a commoditize storage offering that’s up to six times faster and 80% cheaper than other cloud storage providers, without the annual maintenance costs of equipment for enterprise-class on-premises storage. Wasabi’s offering includes a feature known as an “immutable bucket,” which ensures data is protected from accidental deletion or malicious destruction.

“Since our founding, Wasabi has been pushing the notion of Cloud 2.0, where workloads can move across multiple clouds without friction or added expense in order to deliver the best finished product at the lowest possible price,” said Whit Jackson, Wasabi’s VP of media and entertainment. “We are delighted to be working with all media technology and business innovators who are also committed to enabling the full potential of cloud media processing.”

At NAB, Wasabi will show how its offering a disruptive price and performance model that is one size fits all and tier free, with no vendor lock-in, and how 6,000-plus paying customers have already used Wasabi to store billions of objects. Wasabi will also tout some of its 600-plus solutions partners, along with more than 200 technology partners.

Wasabi will also share the latest with its involvement in the Media Innovation Cloud Alliance, a coalition of media technology companies integrating across multiple clouds to deliver a disruptive price and performance ratio.

Wasabi will be located at booth SL14508 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.