Iyuno Media Group Coronavirus Update (MESA)

As everyone is keenly aware, the past week has brought an unprecedented level of disruption to us all, both personally and professionally. During this unprecedented time, Iyuno Media Group is focused on safety and well-being and is committed to a high level of transparency. As this week begins, we would like to share a few critical updates about our studio facilities during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Iyuno Media Group continues to monitor this situation daily and prioritize your localization and business needs while keeping our employees and freelance talent safe. Our large team of staff is working around the clock globally to monitor the current and ever-changing conditions. We are continuously collecting data to allow for timely and decisive actions.

As of today, our studios are open and operational with the exception of Iyuno Italy, Iyuno Hilversum (Holland), and Iyuno Philippines. However, we expect more facilities will be impacted in the coming days.

Please know our teams are working remotely and even when facilities close, we are continuing to produce. We are taking every step to rigorously monitor any and all projects in production that may be impacted. New tools and technology such as home recording solutions and virtual private network access are being explored and implemented proactively to maximize work progress.

The good news is areas of our operation such as subtitling do run virtually and we are well-positioned to have minimal disruption in subtitling. Also, our cloud-based project management platform, MSX, permits teams to continue to work while facilities are closed. Candidly, we do foresee dubbing production impacts. Local business shutdowns make it challenging for our voice actor talent and technical staff to come into our studios, which is why we are researching options to create a workflow that is 100% remote and online. Should the current pandemic continue, we will be prepared to deploy technologies where appropriate. If any of your projects are impacted by this crisis, you will be contacted directly by your main Iyuno business point of contact. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

This environment is unprecedented, and we know that you will need to know more. The simple truth is we are evaluating a changing landscape. We will continue to communicate and share information with you in real-time as we know it, and thoughtfully and transparently do so while we continue to provide a safe and productive work environment.

As leaders in localization, Iyuno is committed to ongoing and transparent communication as the COVID-19 situation evolves. We appreciate how our clients, voice actors, and business partners have all come together to support each other, to care for each other and keep business moving forward.