ZOO Digital Releases COVID-19 Update (MESA)

In light of the challenging times posed by the spread of COVID-19, I wanted to reassure you that ZOO is prepared and equipped to adopt a work from home program across all locations to ensure business continuity for our customers, employees, partners and freelancers.

We have the following plan and procedures in place to mitigate against any disruption in service:

Remote Working – Los Angeles

From today, ZOO will introduce a work from home program for our staff in Los Angeles. As our localization services are wholly cloud-based and managed on AWS, ZOO can continue subtitling and dubbing without the requirement for a working office footprint. We can confidently shift to remote working at home while still having full, centralized, secure visibility of project progress from order to fulfillment.

Remote Working – UK

As in Los Angeles, ZOO is fully prepared and ready to action remote working as and when the need arises without any disruption to production or project management.

Remote Working – Translators

ZOO hosts its subtitling workflow in the cloud, so all English editors and foreign language translators already work remotely with access to our secure ZOOsubs cloud-based platform. We will continue to allocate work to our pool of translators in this way.

Remote Working – Dubbing

We host our dubbing platform in the cloud, so all script adaptation and recording functions are designed to be deployed within either a ZOO-Enabled Dubbing Studio (ZEDS) or a tested and approved home recording environment if the need arises. This supports online collaboration between directors and actors via secure, multi-location recording. Our network also includes audio mixing engineers operating from secure, verified locations.

In the event that local dubbing studios are closed, we are in a position to migrate projects to a network of distributed, approved home recording locations without any detrimental impact to quality or security.

Please note we have already deployed this for major production studios recently in response to the ongoing situation.

Social Distancing – Post and QC functions

For Post and QC functions that require office working, we will adopt an approach that enables our employees to work from the office while maintaining a social distance. This will include staggered working patterns, split working teams and greater than one meter separation in our production facilities. These measures will enable us to continue all office-based functions without disruption.

If you have any specific questions about ZOO’s business continuity plans, please contact me directly at [email protected].