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DAM Specialists Tout Offerings During Sept. 9 Take the DAM(n) Tour Event

On Sept. 9, 10 media management provider specialists shared their latest industry offerings during the first of two Take the DAM(n) Tour (TTDT) days being held by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) this month.

More than 50 content owner company executives and MESA members heard from RSG Media, IBM, Whip Media Group, Vubiquity, Signiant, Sony Electronics, Caringo, Veritone, Digital Bedrock and KlarisIP, as MESA’s content solutions strategists took attendees through guided tours of the DAM services that would have appeared on the IBC Show floor this year.

Here’s a brief rundown of what each presenter shared, and links to videos of their entire presentations:

RSG Media

Shiv Sehgal, chief product officer for RSG, said DAM technology is more than a technology: “It’s the fundamentals to how we’re going to, as an industry, engage with our audiences across platforms, and more importantly, convert viewers to drive top-line revenue. He gave attendees a look at the importance of AI and ML technologies behind DAM, and how crucial those technologies have become, especially in decoding data to produce “radical insights.” View the presentation here.


IBM’s Paul Hughes, UKI software-defined storage leader, and James Kirk, telco, media and entertainment territory leader, looked at obstacles and trends in the asset management space in general, and dived specifically into how its IBM Spectrum Storage technology has been used to provide reliable performance and cost-efficiency for one long-term partner. View the presentation here.

Whip Media Group

Mike Sid, chief strategy officer for Whip Media Group, looked at how the massive social disruptions the world has suffered through recently can be tackled, from a media perspective, by accelerating automation in the content supply chain, with an emphasis on the impact of limited or no automation across key areas of that content supply chain. “Moving to a distributed workforce on demand has shown that automation is imperative,” he said. View the presentation here.


Dana Forte, SVP of product management and strategic partnerships for Vubiquity, gave attendees a look at how consumer demand and market dynamics are dramatically shifting content distribution timelines — including the growing popularity of global day-and-date releases — and how technology solutions must rapidly evolve to “tap into these key consumer and market demands that are shifting.” View the presentation here.


Mike Nash, director of product management for Signiant, detailed his company’s Media Shuttle solution, and how it serves as the perfect MAM companion, when used alongside MAM for work-in-progress content that isn’t ready for DAM, in order to collaborate with outside resources. “It’s very easy to integrate into other workflows. We have a large number of MAM and DAM vendors who’ve integrated using our APIs,” he said. View the presentation here.

Sony Electronics

Michael Potts, senior director of customer success for Sony Electronics, offered up an overview of the Sony Ci cloud-based media management and collaboration platform, with a spotlight on the new Ci Catalogue offering for enterprise media management. “One of the things that’s really key to our platform … is you have a variety of functionality,” he said. View the presentation here.


Ryan Meek, principal solutions architect for Caringo, noted that as more and more workflows for media go online, something that’s accelerated during the pandemic, his company has found itself well-positioned to help M&E companies meet all their storage requirements — from production to delivery to long-term preservation — and ensure content integrity and accessibility for reuse and monetisation. “it’s really important to be flexible and add capacity at any time,” he said. View the presentation here.


Garron Bateman, senior sales engineer for Veritone, touted the ability for his company’s Digital Media Hub offering to keep content secure within DAM/MAM systems, using AI, eCommerce functionality, custom branding, broadcast-quality file support, scalability, and more. “We’re integrated into a bunch of MAM providers. We feel your content needs to be hyper-indexed to make it accessible, and maximise your revenue,” he said. View the presentation here.

Digital Bedrock

Linda Tadic, CEO of Digital Bedrock, gave attendees a look at how her company securely preserves clients’ digital content, using a combination of complex managed actions, active metadata, dark storage, and object storage technologies. “Digital preservation is part of digital asset management, under its umbrella, and [we ensure] that our clients’ content is usable into the future,” she said. View the presentation here.


Brian Cross, principal consultant and partner for KlarisIP, used his presentation to focus on how studios and media publishers are increasingly looking to archival footage to fill the content void that has resulted from the pandemic KlarisIP is capable of helping those companies better-mine archives to create new content packages, and void pitfalls around rights, technology, and access. “A lot of media and entertainment organisations are sitting on vast troves of content,” he said. “They have an opportunity to go back and pull this content they’ve never really used, give it to the public, and potentially create new works,” he said. View the presentation here.

The second day of this year’s TTDT takes place Sept. 16, beginning at 16:00 CEST, with presentations from Deluxe, BeBanjo, Premiere Digital, 5th Kind, Croogloo, FilmTrack, Verizon Media, DXC Technology, EditShare, and GrayMeta.

The tour is invitation only and those interested in attending must sign up in advance for a guaranteed spot. Click here to register.