Softtek, MENU Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

Softtek entered into a strategic partnership with MENU to enable a state-of-the-art restaurant e-commerce platform to enhance customer journey and provide seamless digital self-service.

“MENU has gained the trust of some of the world’s largest QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) brands for its innovative omnichannel restaurant self-service technology, turning digital order and pay into a convenient and engaging experience for restaurants and their customers,” said Ricardo Gonzalez, industry managing director for Restaurant & Hospitality sectors at Softtek.

The fully integrated platform enables ecommerce for restaurants by personalizing data across all order & pay channels, so that restaurant brands are able to engage with their customers in completely new ways for significantly higher return visits, while the average ticket size increases up to 30% due to a variety of upsell and cross-sell features.

This partnership will provide constant innovation with smooth and fast solution to boost restaurant brand loyalty and revenue.

“We are pleased that Softtek, one of the largest technology service providers in the world serving large restaurant brands, realized the strong value proposition MENU’s omnichannel order and engagement solution brings to restaurants worldwide. We look forward to working in close collaboration with Softtek and helping restaurants in the US and Latin America optimize their business with our innovative technology,” said Karl Heinz Koch, Co-founder and CEO of MENU Technologies.