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Spotify Studios’ Ben Meadors Talks Audio Production vs. Video Production on CHESA Podcast

On the latest episode of CHESA’s The Workflow Show, Ben Meadors, Post Production Engineer of Spotify Studios joins CHESA’s hosts for podcast Episode 57, “Scaling Out Workflows; Audio Production vs. Video Production.”

On this episode of The Workflow Show, Jason and Ben speak with Meadors about the differences between a video production workflow and an audio production workflow.

Meadors covers the processes of Spotify and where the production team has grown.

He also shares the thorough, detailed documentation at Spotify that enables the teams in their onboarding and in troubleshooting. 

Tune in for some highly useful first-hand experience. 

Episode Highlights:

–Covers the processes Spotify uses to provide documentation to new editors and users in their production team(s) 
–Ben Meadors describes his influence on Spotify Studios’ workflow and transitioning workflows during the pandemic for remote work (work from home)
–The differences in video production and podcast production are discussed including media asset management
–We talk about exciting new tools in the podcasting space and innovations in media production

Meadors is the Post Production Engineer at Spotify Studios, guiding post-production workflow for video and podcast creation.

Previously Meadors was the Integrated Services Manager at AbelCine, where he designed and installed shared storage and asset management systems, post-production facilities, and broadcast studios.

The Workflow Show is CHESA’s bi-monthly podcast. On the show they interview industry experts, visionaries and innovators, cover all the steps in the Media Supply Chain, share tips, and offer some Workflow Therapy.