Whip Media Group Names Premiere Digital as New Partner in Strategic Supply Chain Program

Through this programme, the partnership will provide media companies better transparency into their content workflows by leveraging both companies’ content monetisation potential and gaining increased visibility through Premiere Digital’s end to end supply chain and reliable media technology and servicing capabilities.

Whip Media Group’s industry-leading Content Value Management (CVM) platform will work with Premiere Digital’s media and distribution services and SaaS technology solutions that provide supply chain and avail catalog management. Whip Media’s cloud-based, open API-driven CVM platform architecture enables media companies and MVPD operators to seamlessly and quickly add best-in-class content delivery vendors. This digitally driven supply chain removes distribution friction and simplifies the process of managing multiple vendors while delivering workflow transparency and monitoring.

This Strategic Supply Chain Partnership is built on the premise that both buyers and sellers of content need to effortlessly put their content everywhere it needs to be. With the onset of the streaming wars and the unprecedented pace of content consumption, building a frictionless distribution ecosystem must take priority. Premiere Digital was selected as a Strategic Supply Chain Partner for its ability to provide content optimisation and monetisation solutions paired with exceptional customer service and global scalability.

“As a highly recognised partner in the industry, Premiere will supplement Whip Media’s existing services, enabling customers to unlock untapped value through data-driven software solutions, scalable media processing technology and efficient workflows,” said Alisa Joseph, SVP Business Strategy & Development, Whip Media Group.

“We’re thrilled to be chosen by Whip Media to support the global solution and address the demand for innovative technology and services that simplify the complexities of the digital supply chain,” said Steve Rosenberg, Chief Commercial Officer at Premiere Digital. “We look forward to supporting the ability to streamline processes that enable content providers and platforms to meet the significantly growing consumption of content.”