Vobile’s RightsID Adopted by Avex Entertainment

The RightsID service, provided by Vobile Japan, uses proprietary AI technology to search for, identify, and earn advertising revenue from user-generated content containing Avex IP on YouTube.

Vobile Japan utilizes the proprietary AI technology of its U.S. parent company, Vobile Group, to search for and identify copyrighted content on YouTube, set conditions based on policies provided by each content owner, and if the conditions have been met, not only can it crackdown on content misuse, but it can also secure a percentage of the advertising revenue from YouTube.

In November 2020, Japan became the first country outside of the U.S. to launch this service.

Vobile’s RightsID service works in conjunction with Content ID, the content identification system provided by YouTube, and by utilizing AI-leveraging search technology unique to Vobile, Vobile can discover and identify additional copyrighted content on YouTube, maximizing revenue and taking full advantage of a content owner’s potential for monetization.

As a result of Avex Entertainment’s careful performance evaluation of the RightsID service, Avex concluded that RightsID can significantly contribute to Avex Entertainment’s monetization revenue.

Comment from Vobile Japan:

“Based on many years’ understanding of YouTube, our RightsID service has been adopted by many movie companies, TV networks, music labels, etc. in the U.S., and has achieved a return of several hundred million yen for each company per year, and a cumulative return of well over 15 billion yen. Since last year, we have been promoting RightsID to content owners in Japan, and as a result, beginning with NexTone Inc. in December last year, more than 10 companies have already decided to adopt the service, and we are entering the operation phase of each one in turn. We are very honored that Avex Entertainment, the largest music label in Japan, has decided to adopt our service after evaluating it and our technology. We will leverage our accumulated technologies and experience to maximize revenue returned to Avex Entertainment.”