Alteon Unlocks Cloud-Based Editing for Creative Professionals With New Post-Production Integration

Alteon announced a new integration for Adobe Premiere Pro with Alteon Cloud, a production platform that combines scalable cloud storage with high-speed file transfer and tools for remote collaboration.

With the long-planned extension for Premiere Pro, Alteon users can leverage Premiere Pro’s editing capabilities for instant cloud syncing, proxy editing and seamless team-based collaboration—all remotely. Editors can download an entire project of proxies or high-resolution assets and start editing immediately; if the footage already exists locally, they can simply download the file structure and relink their media. The integration also leverages Adobe’s React Spectrum library, which provides a consistent experience between the Alteon extension and native application.

“It’s always been part of our mission to integrate Alteon with the industry’s leading post-production editing tools,” says Matt Cimaglia, co-founder of Alteon. “Leveraging Premiere Pro is foundational to Alteon Cloud’s success, allowing editors to seamlessly work from a secure environment without having to worry about backups, misplaced assets or downtime exporting and uploading files.”

Strategic collaboration with world-class companies is part of Alteon’s design philosophy, as its mission statement is to deliver enterprise-grade technology to independent creators, in-house brand teams and small to mid-sized production studios.

“Creatives want to easily collaborate with their teams on projects,” says Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe Video. “Now, with the Alteon extension for Premiere Pro, it’s easier for editors to collaborate, download and edit entire projects. Editors will appreciate all the functionality that’s now available to them thanks to this integration.”

Alteon Cloud also leverages IBM Cloud for asset storage and security and IBM Aspera for its high-speed upload capability; Stockholm-based content-management company Vidispine is a close partner in delivering APIs for digital asset management; and Bluescape, whose visual collaboration tools are used by major studios such as Lionsgate and Paramount Pictures, powers Alteon Ideation.