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Technologist Offers AI and Algorithmic Bias Insights at SoCal Women’s Leadership Summit

On Nov. 10 at the annual SoCal Women’s Leadership Summit, presented by Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH), author and technologist Tobias Baer will offer insights on a very modern issue: how the use of artificial intelligence needs to take into account our increasingly diverse world.

His presentation — “AI & Algorithmic Bias: Information Technology Ethics” — will dive into how modern AI applications can’t mirror the norms of the past and perpetuate diversity related challenges, when applying algorithms to business problems.

He’ll look at the social, cultural and ethical challenges in the application of AI, and share how there’s an opportunity to use algorithms as agents of change.

“Attendees should expect to have their view on AI and algorithmic bias widened, realizing that often only a very narrow sub-set of the problem is discussed and tackled,” Baer said. “And I hope they come away not only with a better frame of reference but also a couple of very hands-on tools that they could start applying the following day to address algorithmic bias.”

Baer will also review examples of where AI algorithms have gone astray, and offer practical advice to avoid that issue, covering technical, managerial, and social aspects that attendees may want to consider in addressing algorithmic bias.

The half-day, closed-door event runs from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. PT, and will feature presentations and breakout sessions tackling the impact of bias, both human and algorithmic, leading during the enduring COVID-19 pandemic, and the social equality movement. The 2020 edition of the SoCal Women’s Leadership Summit saw more than 250 attendees, with more than 70 percent representing the media and entertainment industry and tech-adjacent companies.

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