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Global M+E Day: Whip Media Notes Streaming Data Trends

At the June 8 Global Media & Entertainment Day, held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London and via the MESAverse virtual platform, Paul Hastings, SVP of global sales for Whip Media, shared data showing that there’s a shift growing in what content resonates with viewers in any given country, as global demand for content and programming increases.

His presentation — “No Passports Needed: Content is Travelling Across Borders to Meet Audience Demand” — pointed to a recent Whip Media study that showed European audiences (across France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK) are consuming less US originating content, a downturn of 10 percent overall.

Though the US remands the dominant content supplier to European outlets, competition for audiences is encouraging platforms to seek out content from a greater diversity of sources, the Whip study showed. “Content is no longer bound by borders,” Hastings said. “We’re all aware in our business that there are so many platforms with such a significant demand for programming and content of all flavours. Consequently, the big international companies like Netflix, HBO and Amazon are competing with one another, as well as the local players … they’re all looking for differentiated content.”

For studios and distributors, enhancing the value of titles globally is becoming increasingly more important, and the quickest way to discover how to distribute local titles globally, pinpoint the right content that’s attracting viewers’ attention, and make better content planning and strategy decisions to maximise revenue, is to dig deep into the data.

“Data underpins everything that we do,” Hastings said, pointing to the data benefits that come from its TV Time app, a global tracking platform and social television network for TV and movies.

Click here for the full Whip Media presentation.

The Global Media & Entertainment Day was produced by MESA, in association with the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and the Smart Content Council and was presented by Box with sponsorship by Signiant, Convergent Risks, Whip Media, and Xcapism Learning.