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Richey May to Talk Zero Trust, Cloud Security at Dec. 6 CPS

At the Dec. 6 Content Protection Summit (CPS) in Los Angeles, the team at Richey May will tackle more than one pressing security issue on the stage.

First up in “Wrap Your Head Around the Cloud,” Michael Nouguier, CISO and director of cybersecurity services for Richey May Technology Solutions will be joined by Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance, as they break down the ambiguity of what the cloud is and dive into cloud security trends and emerging threats moving into the new year. With 94 percent of companies utilizing cloud services in 2022, an organization’s attack surface has changed dramatically. Understanding the benefits and risks of transition to cloud services can be overwhelming. Nouguier and Reavis will help attendees make sense of it all.

Then in the session “(Zero) Trust Issues – Fireside Chat,” Sean Kalinich, cybersecurity architect for Richey May, and Spencer Stephens, SVP of production technology and security for MovieLabs, will discuss the anatomy of a cyberattack and how the concept of zero trust architecture can minimize the blast radius of cyberattacks.

There is no silver bullet within the cybersecurity space. Many theories and frameworks have been developed to help organizations understand their maturity and risk posture but still successful cyberattacks are on the rise. With prevention being only one aspect of cyber resilience, newer architectures have emerged to minimize the impact of cyberattacks.

The CPS event will be the premiere gathering of the top security and asset protection minds in the M&E industry. Held in-person in Los Angeles, and virtually in the MESAverse, MESA’s virtual work environment for its members and communities, the full-day event at the Skirball Center will see industry stakeholders mingle with counterparts, demo the latest offerings from top Hollywood vendors, and watch presentations, with an emphasis on content protection in a virtual production era.

Keynotes, panel discussions, and technology showcases are designed to offer senior-level content and information security experts the key information around the latest in content protection across the entire supply chain for entertainment. Production security, post-production workflows and the growing ecosystems of platforms and connectivity that are driving the secure content creation and distribution process. Additionally, anti-piracy and IP protection will be covered as our industry works collaboratively to secure our most important assets.

Presented by Fortinet and produced by MESA, CDSA’s Content Protection Summit is sponsored by Convergent Risks, Richey May Technology Solutions, GeoComply, Signiant, Verimatrix, Shift Media, EZDRM and EIDR.

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