SAP Joins Stanford University Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Corporate Affiliate Program

By joining the program, SAP will be supporting Stanford HAI’s research, policy and education efforts to help responsibly build and implement AI. In addition, SAP will commit expertise and resources to help the HAI Corporate Affiliate Program explore the frontier of generative AI in business and how the new technologies will transform industries and economies.

“Generative AI offers a whole new world of opportunities to simplify and optimize business processes. As AI evolves at a rapid pace, we need to ensure that it is developed with three guiding principles: relevance, reliability and responsibility,” said Juergen Mueller, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. “Joining the Stanford’s HAI Corporate Affiliate Program reinforces SAP’s commitment to building best-in-class business AI that is ethical and trustworthy. The collaboration with experts in the field also enables a continuous exchange on the latest AI research as we advance our own foundational model and business-ready AI for companies worldwide.”

SAP brings over 50 years of business process and technology expertise as a global corporation that is already deeply engaged with turning AI’s potential into reality for many of the world’s leading companies. SAP has been working with a large ecosystem of customers and partners to develop offerings across finance, supply chain, human resources, sustainability and other business-critical areas.

“Stanford’s HAI has played a pivotal role in accelerating advancements in foundational models, particularly in the realm of AI safety and the consideration of this new technology’s societal impacts,” said James Landay, vice director and faculty director of research for HAI, Stanford. “Our faculty and student body look forward to collaborating with SAP as we aim to unlock novel use cases and develop new research contributions in response.”

The opportunity for researchers and engineers at SAP to engage with the Stanford academic community, including research faculty and students, on the intersection of generative AI and business will also benefit the broader technology and business community.

“A significant aspect of Stanford’s HAI mission is to inform and influence the overall direction of industry’s fundamental research and augment the human-centeredness of applied AI,” said Panos Madamopolous, managing director, Industry Programs and Partnerships, HAI Corporate Affiliate Program. “We are immensely excited to work with SAP as it seeks to build foundational AI models with a human-centric approach. We hope our affiliate engagement will foster research collaborations across SAP’s entire AI stack — from development, evaluations and safety to understanding the economic impact and enhancing productivity.