SAP to Provide Next-Generation Industrial Planning for Airbus

Using the SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain solution, Airbus will undertake a journey that will transform its planning of current and future aircraft programmes.

SAP Integrated Business Planning is a cloud solution that will help increase integration and collaboration across sales, delivery and industrial planning teams. Airbus will be able to undertake complex planning requirements while having faster, more responsive production planning and more efficient utilisation of manufacturing resources.

Ultimately, SAP IBP will provide greater transparency and actionable insights with user-centric roles and prioritisation of tasks and actions.

Robust supply chains that minimise risk is a top priority for industry leaders today. The ability to build resilient industrial flows that allow companies to accurately predict demand and capability utilisation is invaluable.

“Greater visibility and agility are essential elements for companies to achieve supply chain resilience and operate more sustainably, which are among the top priorities for industry leaders today,” said Dominik Metzger, Head of SAP Digital Supply Chain, SAP SE. “This extended strategic collaboration allows us to support Airbus in its transformation journey by providing unique end-to-end centralised demand and supply planning with the ability to perform advanced response and supply management. We are proud to have been selected to support Airbus in developing and reinforcing its digital capabilities.”