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Cognizant Implements Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology for CITSA

Cognizant was appointed by the Canberra Institute of Technology Student Association (CITSA) for systems integration and payments support for Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology in the Café Yala Plus Student Association store. CITSA is the first education provider to implement this technology in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Café YalaPlus Student Association store provides a fast, contactless retail experience for students who can enter the on-campus store, get what they need, and leave, while avoiding queues and checkouts.

“Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology benefits all CIT students, especially those studying outside of regular business hours,” said Andrew Scotford, CEO of the CIT Student Association. “Many CIT students balance work, study, and training, so flexibility and accessibility are important. Many students living on the CIT Bruce Campus lack easy access to nearby shopping. Café YalaPlus now offers convenient access to food, beverages, and other essential items.”

The continued rollout of Just Walk Out technology in Australian education institutions represents a strategic growth opportunity for Cognizant to demonstrate new capabilities in a sector that is expected to grow rapidly. Cognizant helps organisations deploy and deliver technology solutions designed to enhance customer experiences and support rapid growth while minimising the risk of technological misalignment.

The solution will reduce checkout friction and enhance the shopping experience while streamlining inventory management for the Student Association. Just Walk Out technology is designed to transform the retail experience by leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence like computer vision and deep learning, including generative AI, to create a frictionless shopping experience.

“We are thrilled to have been selected by CITSA to deliver this technology to enhance the student shopping experience,” said Rob Marchiori, head of Australia at Cognizant. “By automating the checkout process, the Student Association can offer almost 24-hour access to store resources that students need to stay focused on their studies. This is a testament to Cognizant’s strong focus on deploying technology that is fit for purpose and designed to improve the customer experience.”

“We congratulate the Canberra Institute of Technology Student Association on improving the on-campus student experience with the latest in checkout-free technology,” said Jon Jenkins, vice president of Just Walk Out technology at Amazon. “We’re delighted to collaborate with the Student Association to introduce Just Walk Out technology at Café YalaPlus, a first-of-its-kind implementation in a higher education institution in the Southern Hemisphere. Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology will deliver a new level of convenience to students, enabling them to easily access refreshments day and night.”