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Language Codes Simplified at ITS Localisation

At the 29 February ITS Localisation event in London, Yonah Levenson, co-chair of the Language Metadata Table (LMT) Working Group with MESA, will deliver the presentation “Languages and Localisation: Simplified.”

It’s 2024, and media and entertainment is still grappling with which language codes to apply for content: subtitles, dubbing, captioning, and more. The ideal solution allows for the content creators and those that receive the content to apply and receive codes that mean the same language on all sides.

But this doesn’t happen consistently.

Enter the Language Metadata Table (LMT), a set of industry vetted codes which includes a technology solution to ensure compliance. This session gives an update on LMT’s current state, and what’s coming next.

ITS Localisation is the media and entertainment industry’s premiere localisation event, bringing together the industry’s top language service providers, content creators, artificial intelligence and machine learning companies, and network executives, to talk about the challenges facing media and entertainment, and share the latest solutions to meet them.

Attendees will hear from expert panelists and presenters who will be discussing the industry landscape following a tumultuous period, how artificial intelligence, voice technologies and machine learning are playing an ever more important role, and how the adoption of smart, targeted cloud-based solutions can help achieve greater workflow efficiencies.

ITS Localisation is presented by MESA in association with the Content Localisation Council and Smart Content Council, and sponsored by Dubformer, Iyuno, AppTek, EIDR, Blu Digital Group, OOONA, Papercup, and Deluxe.

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