KEYNOTE: Rebecca MacKinnon, Ranking Digital Rights

Rebecca MacKinnon, Director, Ranking Digital Rights

KEYNOTE: Jonathon Morgan, New Knowledge

Jonathon Morgan, Chief Executive Officer, New Knowledge

Peter Brickman, WNET

Peter Brickman, Chief Technology Officer, WNET

Edmund Brumaghin, Talos Outreach

Edmund Brumaghin, Threat Researcher, Talos Outreach

Gabriel Cantin, Nagra

Gabriel Cantin, Product Manager, Nagra

Guy Finley, MESA and Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA)

Guy Finley, Executive Director, CDSA and MESA

Kurt Fischer, Motion Picture Association of America

Kurt Fischer, Director, Content Security, Motion Picture Association of America

Jaclyn Knag, Paramount Pictures

Jaclyn Knag, Director, Content Security, Paramount Pictures

John Koscheka, BTI studios

John Koscheka, Executive Vice President, OTT Operations, BTI studios

Chris Johnson, Convergent Risks

Chris Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Convergent Risks

John C. Lee, North American Broadcasters' Association Technical Committee

J.C. Lee, Chairman, North American Broadcasters' Association Technical Committee

Joel Sloss, Microsoft Azure

Joel Sloss, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Dan Robbins, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

Dan Robbins, Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Motion Picture Association (MPAA)

Ben Stanbury, Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA)

Ben Stanbury, Chairman of the Board, Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA)

Chris Taylor, Taksati Consulting

Chris Taylor, Founder and Principle Consultant, Taksati Consulting

Christine Thomas, Dolby

Christine Thomas, Senior Director Worldwide Tech Operations & Strategic Initiatives, Dolby