David Thomson, Momentum Design Lab, an HTEC company

David Thomson,
Executive Global Product & Design Leadership,
Momentum Design Lab, an HTEC company

David Thomson is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of experience in global product and design leadership. As the founder of Momentum Design Lab, and HTEC Group company. David has generated over $65 million in revenue and served 21 Fortune 100 companies. Renowned for his pioneering work in Cognitive Design for AI methodology, David blends user-centric principles with cutting-edge technology to deliver transformative product experiences. His expertise spans complex SaaS platforms, Ad/Mar/Sales Tech, Fintech, Blockchains and Financial Services, making him a sought-after advisor and board member. Passionate about innovation and growth, David brings invaluable insights to discussions on the intersection of AI, design, and business strategy, particularly in the context of the future of tech for TV advertising’s evolving landscape.



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