Josh Pine, XL8

Josh Pine,
Chief Revenue Officer,

Josh Pine brings more than 25 years of experience leading domestic and global business operations and sales for leading Media & Entertainment companies. Currently serving as Chief Revenue Officer at XL8 Inc., he previously served as Vice President of Business Development and Global Digital Distribution for Sony Pictures, where he built and launched a digital distribution platform for the company that aggregated more than 25 independent content label partners. He has also held senior roles at Sony Corporation, Technicolor, Alliance Entertainment, and Whip Media. Josh has an extensive track record of overseeing digital media localization, sales, licensing, distribution, and supply chain management on a global level and building trusted relationships with partners and clients. Josh is a recognized leader in entertainment globalization, named as one of the industry’s 100 most influential professionals by the Entertainment Globalization Association and appointed as co-chair of the Digital Entertainment Group’s localization committee.