BOARD, Nadya Ichinomiya, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Nadya Ichinomiya,
Chairwoman, WiTH Foundation and Executive Director,
Head of Agile Center of Excellence,
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Early in Nadya’s life, when dirt was also young, she became obsessed with this question: how do you influence behavior? Her first job at 16 was calling up strangers on the phone, asking them to take a 20 minute survey about legal cases. OOOOF. The question morphed into – how do you inspire employees to unleash their passion, innovation and engagement? What needs to be in place to create highly performing teams?

Nadya tackles this question every day as Executive Director at Sony Pictures in the role of Enterprise Agile Coach, working with teams aiming to improve their responsiveness to change in an industry tackling vast amounts of disruption.

After starting her career at IBM in sales and management, she became Vice President of Electronic Data Systems (now HP) in Frankfurt as the highest-ranking woman in the region and youngest VP. From computer screens to movie screens, Nadya changed course and rebooted her career as a Hollywood producer. After five years working with Bonnie Hunt in both movies and TV (as a producer on ABC’s Life With Bonnie,) she returned to the corporate world, beginning in TV Distribution at MGM and moving to Sony Pictures in IT in 2006. Six years ago, Nadya co-founded Women In Technology: Hollywood, a cross media & entertainment initiative with 2500+ members from the major studios.