Content Localisation Council

Mission Statement:

To support the content localisation industry by providing a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration and open discussion. To promote the role localisation plays in
ensuring content can reach global audiences and to keep all members of the group informed of industry developments, including the role of technology, legislative changes and the introduction of any standards or best practice procedures. 

  • To educate and raise awareness of localisation throughout the supply chain, via events, special interest group meetings and publications.
  • To assess the role of technology, its benefits and implications.
  • To review the need for industry standards and help facilitate those discussions.
  • To promote industrywide best practise on localisation workflows.
  • To collaborate on security initiatives for the localisation sector.


Carlo Decianti
Head of Sales,

Jan-Hendrik Hein
Vice-President of Media Operations EMEA
A+E Networks

Nicky McBride
Global Business Development & Client Relationships,

Justin Walton
Head of Global Content Operations.