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The Language Metadata Table (LMT) standard was conceived by HBO in 2016. It was created to provide a unified source of reference for language codes for use throughout the media and entertainment industries.

LMT’s Mission Statement is:

  • to create a standardized table of language codes for implementation by entertainment and other industries using IETF BCP 47 
  • to facilitate efficient and consistent LMT usage through best practices 
  • to extend LMT code values through vetted field definitions and approved language code values with a community of thought leaders who focus on information and data from the business, professional associations and academic institutions through the exchange of knowledge and collaboration

New Release - LMT v4.2 December 30, 2022
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LMT's Working Group is the governing body comprised of representatives that include the following studios:

  • Disney
  • Warner Bros Discovery
  • Paramount
  • NBCUniversal 
  • Showtime
  • Sony Pictures 
  • Lionsgate
  • Amazon Studios
  • Fox

LMT’s Working Group collaborates with leading fluent speakers in the media & entertainment industry as well as the library & information science community. Working Group meetings are held regularly to vet definitions and codes accordingly.

Since LMT’s initial release, the Working Group has reached agreement on over 280 language codes and display values – with another 50 being researched.

Adoption & Compliance


Ready to adopt the Language Metadata Table?

The power and benefits of LMT become quickly evident once implemented. Users find enhanced interoperability, greater ease of use across internal departments and external vendors, less confusion, and reduced overhead.


Checking to see if you’re already compliant?

LMT provides industry approved display values. Ultimately, you are considered LMT-compliant if you are using the codes.


Want to submit a new language request?

LMT is a dynamic and ever-growing list. If you have a legitimate use case to add a new language, submit it for approval today! The Working Group will review and vet the code based on your defined use case.

Co-Chaired by:

  • Yonah Levenson, Founder, Director, and Instructor, Rutgers University Digital Asset Management Certificate program
  • Meg Morrissey, Senior DAM Architect at MediaValet
  • Jaclyn Zepnick, Sr. Data Librarian at The Walt Disney Company 
  • If you are interested in participating in MESA’s LMT Working Group, apply here.