Michael Aguilar, President, Intrepid Consulting Group, LLC

Michael Aguilar is currently President of the Intrepid Consulting Group, LLC, which is located in New York. The Intrepid Group is an international consulting practice specializing in assisting a variety of industries in producing high levels of accuracy in forecasting demand, replenishment, and maximizing “right product – right location” in their supply chain, as well as those of the customers.

The Intrepid Group has expertise in advanced analytics of sales data, future trend analysis, and right place, right time, right location replenishment. The Group utilizes a combination of onshore expertise, offshore analytics and software solutions as well as a variety of managed services to provide cost effective solutions with minimal investment by its clients.

Prior to forming the Intrepid Consulting Group, LLC, Mr. Aguilar held several senior level positions at Panasonic, U.S.A. Most recently he was Executive Vice President responsible for all corporate strategic initiatives involving sales, marketing, supply chain and logistics. He developed a unique vendor managed inventory program utilizing offshore resources to predict demand and supply – a first in the consumer electronics industry. Other executive positions included President, Panasonic Company National; Senior Vice President, sales and marketing; Executive Director; corporate supply chain management; Senior Vice President, merchandising and product development.

Mr. Aguilar brings over 30 years of experience of senior management at a major multi national company- spanning all major aspects of business.