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SeeQVault Ready for Primetime

By Chris Tribbey

LAS VEGAS — Victor Matsuda, chief communications officer for NSM Initiatives, has a reminder for the consumer electronics industry: If it catches on in Japan, it’s probably coming here next.

NSM Initiatives is the licensor of SeeQVault, a technology developed by Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba that allows for online and offline content access and portability for high-def and 4K content across devices, using any flash-based memory devices that incorporates USB memory or SD Card slots.

Watch a digital file — whether purchased, rented or recorded — at home, move it to your tablet, smartphone, PC or gaming device, and stop worrying about mobile device capacity, data caps, broadband access and bandwidth restrictions

“This explosion of HD content has shown us a void in how people want to enjoy their content on mobile devices,” Matsuda said, speaking at the International Consumer Electronics Show. “Nobody has found the holy grail of HD digital delivery, and not having to be connected to the Internet is very important to the consumer.”

Japan’s Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting and the worldwide Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator have approved SeeQVault for the recording and playback and transmission of HD broadcast, cable and satellite-delivered content, and Toshiba and DiXiM have already made products that use the feature in Japan.

“Consumers want to see their content everywhere from four-inches to 4K,” Matsuda said. “Unconnected content is the beauty of SeeQVault, along with the fact it doesn’t use any storage on the device.”

SeeQVault includes an adaptor solution for backwards compatibility with existing consumer electronics.

“The new trend on the most advanced next-generation smartphones and tablets is the inclusion of 4K Ultra-HD and full HD capable displays, driving consumer desire to conveniently transport and consume high definition content on the go,” said Daniel DG Lee, VP of memory product planning and application engineering for Samsung Electronics.  This represents a considerable market for content creators and providers, and we therefore expect SeeQVault media to receive a lot of attention from the massive Android installed base.”