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Teradici’s Remote Access Technology Heads to Mac

PCoIP technology and cloud access software specialist Teradici is adding support for Mac products, allowing users to remotely access macOS hardware as if they were on a local machi... More

How the Pandemic Morphed M&E Into a Remote-Work Industry

Remote work may have started the pandemic as a crisis-management fix, but it has morphed into a better way of operating for the near future, and beyond. One industry that has unexp... More

WiTH Webinar: Security, Data Among Tech Skillsets in Heaviest Demand

Security and data are among the technology skillsets that are in heaviest demand today in the information technology (IT) and media and entertainment sectors, according to industry... More

WiTH Connection Corner Jan. 8 Webinar Eyes 2021 Demand for Tech Skills

On Jan. 8, the latest WiTH Connection Corner webinar will tackle a pressing question for those on the lookout for new opportunities in media and entertainment in 2021: what technic... More

PacketFabric: Building Your Pathway to the Cloud

Network-as-a-Service platform PacketFabric allows for something that didn’t exist just a few years ago: the ability to customize a production friendly network, by combining a co... More

Digit Content Services: More Than Just a Duplicate

Virtual-based encoding house Digit Content Services (digit) for a dozen years now has made a name for itself around creating exceptional digital duplicates in the right file format... More

STEM Advantage Holds Annual ‘Workforce of the Future’ Event Dec. 9

STEM Advantage — the nonprofit organization providing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career opportunities to California State University students — will hold ... More

Zixi Aims to Make Content Delivery Smarter

If you’re looking to virtualise your live streaming workflow, machine learning techniques are quickly becoming the go-to in order to provide the most robust video transport and a... More

WiTH Foundation Donations to Benefit STEM Programs

Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH) has announced it will use Giving Tuesday on Dec. 1 as a fundraising opportunity around its March 8 of the WiTH Leadership Awards event, in conj... More

WiTH Leadership Awards Set for March 8

Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH) has set the next edition of the WiTH Leadership Awards for March 8, 2021, in conjunction with International Women's Day. The fourth annual W... More

M&E Journal: Get the Most Out of Your Colour Grading Session, While Preserving Artistic Vision

Ray Dolby founded Dolby Laboratories in 1965. Since the earliest days of the company, Dolby’s mission has been to harness science and engineering to improve media fidelity, enabl... More

Tech Sector Career Coach: Choose an ‘Effective’ Mindset Over a Positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset is better than having a negative one, but striving for an “effective” mindset is really the way to go when it comes to your career, according to Melis... More

PK: ‘Bulletproof’ APIs and a ‘Prevention Mentality’ Can Best Safeguard Your Data

Secure application programming interface (API) development and having a “prevention mentality” can go a long way towards better safeguarding valuable data, Lou Powell, partner ... More

Advancement Coach to Talk Mindsets at Nov. 6 WiTH Webinar

Having a positive mindset is all well and good, but when it comes to accomplishing your goals, that better not be the only thing you’re relying on. That’s the message Melisa... More

Standards, AI/ML, eSports Highlight SMPTE 2020 ‘Game On’ Topics

The state of industry standards in a COVID-19 world, the latest, emerging benefits of AI and ML, and the explosive growth of eSports are among the highlights of the Nov. 10-12 “G... More

M&E Journal: Defining FYC

As with the movies and shows they honour, every awards season comes with its own dramatic narrative: whether it be the sudden rise of a plucky underdog, the shocking snub of a fan ... More

‘Multiplier’ Leaders Get the Most Out of Their Teams

The best leaders get the most out of their staffs, making them feel smarter and more capable in the process, according to Alyssa Gallagher, a leadership author and speaker. In t... More

M&E Journal: Why Siloed Solutions Won’t Win in the D2C Economy

We’re living in a time where a single Spotify download means breaking down a penny into hundredths of a cent, just to pay all the parties involved that are owed royalties. It... More

M&E Journal: Transforming the Way We Work

The rise in OTT platforms has shown us that consumer demand for instantaneous content is greater than ever. For consumers, on-demand viewing is no longer a luxury, but an expectati... More

M&E Journal: Work-From-Home Best Practices

A few months into the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations around the world have found them-selves functioning in a way they probably thought impossible, and that’s with their s... More

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