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M&E Journal: Defining FYC

As with the movies and shows they honour, every awards season comes with its own dramatic narrative: whether it be the sudden rise of a plucky underdog, the shocking snub of a fan ... More

‘Multiplier’ Leaders Get the Most Out of Their Teams

The best leaders get the most out of their staffs, making them feel smarter and more capable in the process, according to Alyssa Gallagher, a leadership author and speaker. In t... More

M&E Journal: Why Siloed Solutions Won’t Win in the D2C Economy

We’re living in a time where a single Spotify download means breaking down a penny into hundredths of a cent, just to pay all the parties involved that are owed royalties. It... More

M&E Journal: Transforming the Way We Work

The rise in OTT platforms has shown us that consumer demand for instantaneous content is greater than ever. For consumers, on-demand viewing is no longer a luxury, but an expectati... More

M&E Journal: Work-From-Home Best Practices

A few months into the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations around the world have found them-selves functioning in a way they probably thought impossible, and that’s with their s... More

MESA Rebrands to Enable Increased Collaboration for Its Communities

MESA, an alliance of technology executives, production companies and content creators who are driving the future of the media and entertainment industry, announced today that it ha... More

How Teradici Can Help M&E Companies Achieve Secure Virtual Visualization From Anywhere

With remote capabilities more important for companies than ever before, Teradici’s software, when paired with the Nvidia RTX Server and Quadro RTX 6000 and RTX 8000 graphics ca... More

Adobe Introduces Lower-Priced, Mobile-Only Premiere Rush Plan

Adobe on Sept. 21 introduced a lower-priced, mobile-only plan for its Premiere Rush video editing app globally, with U.S. pricing at $4.99 a month or $34.99 a year. It is availa... More

Whip Media EVP to Talk Supply Chain Disruption Sept. 24

Demand for original programming is at an all-time high, subscribers are using more streaming platforms and devices than ever before, and traditional windowing strategies have gone,... More

HPA Webinar: MESA’s Finley Discusses Need to be ‘Nimble’ for Virtual Trade Shows

From the outset of the pandemic, it seemed like a constant fire drill for those involved with media and entertainment events, with everyone from NAB to IBC shifting their trade sho... More

MicroStrategy Touts HyperIntelligence Benefits and Future Offerings

MicroStrategy’s HyperIntelligence advanced “Zero-Click” analytics brings instant insight directly to users within the tools and applications they use on a day-to-day basis t... More

Look to Lean on Your Connections During Sept. 11 WiTH Webinar

Motivational speaker, author and success coach Pat Roque has spent decades working as a virtual team strategist and personal transformation coach, making major media appearances al... More

M&E Journal: A New Normal in Post-Production

By Chris Carey, CRO, Managing Director of the Americas, Iyuno Media Group - The COVID-19 crisis has caused our industry to make dramatic strategic changes in order to continue o... More

Experts Tout Keys to Career Reinvention in WiTH Webinar

Career reinvention often seems daunting, especially during this period of COVID-19 crisis and disruption, but there are three key career "lighthouses" that members of the media and... More

M&E Journal: Embracing Remote Work Improves Long-Term Resilience

By Ian Main, Technical Marketing Principal, Teradici - Companies around the world have been transitioning to remote work, and what was originally thought to be a measure require... More

M&E Journal: The Future of Quality Control is in the Cloud

By Scott Ralston, Head of Product, GrayMeta - Cloud technologies are increas-ingly being used by studios, broadcasters and content owners throughout the lifecycle of content, fr... More

Adobe: COVID-19 is Speeding the Transformation to a Paperless Hollywood

One of the few positive things to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic has been the increased push for a paperless Hollywood that has resulted from it, according to Adobe. A growin... More

Cognizant Aug. 5 Webinar Examines Agile Software Realities

Late last year, Andres Angelani, CEO of Cognizant Softvision, published the book “Transforming While Performing: How To Create A Culture of Innovation With Partners,” offering ... More

M&E Journal: Getting Creative With Work-From-Home Technology

By Dean Fernandes, VP Offer Management, Workplace, Mobility, DXC Technology - Businesses around the world are getting a crash course in distributed workforce management during t... More

PADEM Media Group: Pinpointing Evolving M&E Trends, Emerging Challenges

“Unmatched market understanding, insight and actionable strategic advice.” That’s one client’s feedback for Allan McLennan, chief executive and founder of the PADEM Medi... More