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M&E Journal: How the Cloud is Fueling Virtualized Productions

In the wake of unique challenges posed by the pandemic, virtual production is meeting demands of original content production. Exciting and aptly timed capabilities like virtual... More

M&E Journal: The Client Experience in the Age of Virtual Workflows

The shift towards virtual workflows to serve the M&E industry began well before the global pandemic. While economics, logistics, and expansion were the initial driving forces f... More

PacketFabric: How to Take the Complexity Out of Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Strategies

The vast majority of enterprises now have a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy but connecting an organization’s cloud infrastructure can be complex, requiring it to manage multiple p... More

Sept. 17 WiTH Webinar Dives into Complexities of ‘Return to Work’

Slowly but surely, businesses in every industry are calling employees back into the office, at least part of the time. But with this return to the workplace comes a minefield of un... More

Media, Content, and Agility: Putting the King in the Cloud

It’s no secret that the media industry is in a period of major flux. Over the past two years — and continuing today — the big players have been making dramatic moves. The ... More

M&E Journal: Orchestrating Pipelines With Connected Technology

In 2020, changes in our working landscape accelerated innovation in our technologies, our processes, our communications, and how we lived our lives. And now, in 2021, that spar... More

An Easy, Fast, Cost-Effective Way to Back Up Your WIP

In a recent survey hosted by postPerspective, we were shocked to learn that 50 percent of post-production companies that responded DO NOT automatically back up their work-in-progre... More

M&E Journal: SaaS is Changing the Customer-Vendor Relationship

As the modern media technology stack shifts toward Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings, the technical and business model aspects of SaaS tend to come to the forefront. Those... More

HITS List Publishing Schedule

The HITS List e-newsletter will not publish Aug. 17 and Aug. 24. The MESA editorial department will also not be publishing on MESAonline.org between Aug. 16-27. The HITS List will ... More

International Digital Centre Earns Audio Description Honor

New York-based post-production and digital media processing firm International Digital Centre (IDC) has been honored by the American Council of the Blind’s (ACB) Audio Descriptio... More

WiTH Aug. 6 Event to Share ‘Stories of Resilience’

The past 18 months have been trying for everyone, but along with the stories of misery have come tales of navigating the pandemic with hope, inspiration and perseverance. (more&hel... More

M&E Journal: Navigating the Media and Entertainment Cloud Ecosystem in 2021 and Beyond

Over the last few years, technological innovation has sparked a massive and unprecedented renaissance in the M&E industry, transforming everything from content creation and distrib... More

M&E Journal: Securing Localization in the Cloud

Many manual processes have simply become impractical in today’s internet-connected world. OOONA Integrated — our API for enterprise integration — automates most manual activi... More

PacketFabric Touts How to Build Agile Data Center Interconnect with NaaS

Data Center Interconnect (DCI) has long been a core aspect of enterprise wide area networks (WANs) but it is undergoing a significant evolution now because of the need for greater ... More

M&E Journal: From Experiments to Dependability

In order to understand how production in the cloud works, it’s important to take in the big picture. The term “cloud” came from the quite correct assumption that, as a us... More

M&E Journal: The Future of Storytelling: Improvement and Innovation

Animation, live action, scripted TV, reality programs, music, and other content creation efforts all center on traditional development, pre-production, production, post-production ... More

The Most Effective Strategy to Turn Your Potential Into Performance

Those who have the most career success are those whose presence and performance have such a large positive impact on their organizations that they have almost become indispensable,... More

Adobe Unveils ‘Phase One’ of an Enhanced Premiere Pro User Experience

Adobe launched a public beta of what it said is the “first phase” of an enhanced user experience for its Premiere Pro video editing software on June 22. This is the “first... More

M&E Journal: From Limitation to Innovation

While the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the media and entertainment industry in ways that will likely take years to fully grasp and process, one of the most immediate effects of thi... More

PK: Helping M&E Companies Outperform, Exceed Expectations

When it was founded in 2004, the premise behind Portland, Ore.-based global services firm PK (formerly ProKarma) seemed simple enough: help digitally native companies deliver top-t... More

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