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Caringo Integrated Into DataCore, Swarm Object Storage Solution Made Available

DataCore Software has announced global availability of DataCore Swarm object storage software, integrating what was Caringo Swarm into its own offerings, making Swarm available thr... More

M&E Journal: Building the Content Workflow of the Future With Cloud Storage

As media workflows have evolved over the years, the number of storage platforms in operation at a typical content facility has multiplied to support a variety of tasks. It’s ... More

M&E Journal: Everything Must Be Online

Ask any expert in innovation and they will tell you that things won’t change until a certain threshold of discomfort is surpassed and sustained. Well, 2020 has certainly delivere... More

24Notion CEO: Following the ‘5 Rs’ Can Help Organizations Handle Disruption

The “five Rs” – resilience, responsiveness, “redefining” the way we work, results and repeating what works as needed – can help organizations overcome the COVID-19 pand... More

M&E Journal: The Future-Fit M&E Organization: Being Ready In an Unpredictable World

The media and entertainment industry, like all others, is focused now on the immediate repercussions of the pandemic. The common theme can be summarized as the need to be ready for... More

Microsoft Exec: Azure AI Can Help Publishers Keep Up With Today’s Journalism Demands

News publishers can now use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to keep up with the demands of journalism and provide substantial, high-quality news, according to Jamie Burgess, sen... More

M&E Journal: The Realities of Remote Dubbing

The challenges of remote dubbing — both physical and technological — have come front and center during the pandemic. The physical hurdles are the most obvious: under normal ... More

Ex-Streams: The False Dichotomy of Motion Picture Exhibition

There is nothing better than a good old-fashioned false dichotomy to fuel a meaningless debate. The dichotomy du jour is whether cinemas or streaming services will become the preva... More

Panelists: WiTH-Supported Non-Profits Level Tech Playing Field for Women

Ana Arauz hit a rough patch in her life when she moved from New York to L.A., winding up homeless as a single parent. Today she works at the University of Southern California, and ... More

M&E Journal: PVOD is Here to Stay

As the virtual lifestyle becomes synonymous with the new normal, the trend towards premium video on demand (PVOD) has expedited its prominence in the digital world with blockbuster... More

M&E Journal: Permanently Changing the Way We Work and Live

We have all been inundated with Zoom meetings, webinars and articles about how to adapt to working during a pandemic. And rightly so. These changes have been incredibly disruptive ... More

Keynoter at March 8 WiTH Event to Talk ‘Building a Better Person’

Attendees of the March 8 2021 Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH) Leadership Awards will also treated to a keynote presentation by Dr. Vivienne Ming, co-founder and CEO of Socos L... More

M&E Journal: The New Normal Isn’t All That New

When COVID-19 struck, the impact was felt overnight. With doors shut, and employees locked down in their homes, a digital transformation took place. Many businesses re-invented the... More

M&E Journal: Preparing for Opportunities, Complications in the Post-Pandemic Streaming Space

COVID-19 has provided a blueprint for what the in-home entertainment market will look like in 2021. Expect continued intense competition along with brand new experiences for consum... More

CHESA, Bebop Technology Discuss Cloud Production Trends

The latest in Chesapeake Systems’ (CHESA) long-running podcast “The Workflow Show” interview series around production workflows sees CHESA’s Jason Whetstone, senior workflo... More

M&E Journal: The Video Boom

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been an unprecedented year in many ways. Over the past several months, we have been thrown into a “new normal” in which in-person ... More

Getting to Know the 2021 WiTH Foundation Leadership Awards Nominees

Four winners will be chosen out of eight candidates for the 2021 Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH) Leadership Awards, scheduled to be presented March 8, in conjunction with Inte... More

Teradici’s Remote Access Technology Heads to Mac

PCoIP technology and cloud access software specialist Teradici is adding support for Mac products, allowing users to remotely access macOS hardware as if they were on a local machi... More

How the Pandemic Morphed M&E Into a Remote-Work Industry

Remote work may have started the pandemic as a crisis-management fix, but it has morphed into a better way of operating for the near future, and beyond. One industry that has unexp... More

WiTH Webinar: Security, Data Among Tech Skillsets in Heaviest Demand

Security and data are among the technology skillsets that are in heaviest demand today in the information technology (IT) and media and entertainment sectors, according to industry... More

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