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M&E Journal: Securing Localization in the Cloud

Many manual processes have simply become impractical in today’s internet-connected world. OOONA Integrated — our API for enterprise integration — automates most manual activi... More

PacketFabric Touts How to Build Agile Data Center Interconnect with NaaS

Data Center Interconnect (DCI) has long been a core aspect of enterprise wide area networks (WANs) but it is undergoing a significant evolution now because of the need for greater ... More

M&E Journal: From Experiments to Dependability

In order to understand how production in the cloud works, it’s important to take in the big picture. The term “cloud” came from the quite correct assumption that, as a us... More

M&E Journal: The Future of Storytelling: Improvement and Innovation

Animation, live action, scripted TV, reality programs, music, and other content creation efforts all center on traditional development, pre-production, production, post-production ... More

The Most Effective Strategy to Turn Your Potential Into Performance

Those who have the most career success are those whose presence and performance have such a large positive impact on their organizations that they have almost become indispensable,... More

Adobe Unveils ‘Phase One’ of an Enhanced Premiere Pro User Experience

Adobe launched a public beta of what it said is the “first phase” of an enhanced user experience for its Premiere Pro video editing software on June 22. This is the “first... More

M&E Journal: From Limitation to Innovation

While the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the media and entertainment industry in ways that will likely take years to fully grasp and process, one of the most immediate effects of thi... More

PK: Helping M&E Companies Outperform, Exceed Expectations

When it was founded in 2004, the premise behind Portland, Ore.-based global services firm PK (formerly ProKarma) seemed simple enough: help digitally native companies deliver top-t... More

M&E Journal: Securely Preserving Digital Content in a Hybrid Storage Architecture

Media workflows have gone through tremendous transformation with traditional infra-structure and processes giving way to hybrid operations blending on-premise compute and storage h... More

M&E Journal: Marrying Our Creative and Business Practices

Along with many of you, I’m sure, my wife and I have been introducing our kids to the movies we watched growing up. Raiders of the Lost Ark, that 1981 phenom, was on the other ni... More

Motion Picture & Television Fund, Adobe Tools Keep Seniors Creative

When the pandemic started, the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) was faced with the dilemma of keeping its Los Angeles campus senior residents and volunteers healthy and ... More

5th Kind, AWS Explore Remote Production Advantages and Challenges

Remote production has provided the media and entertainment sector with many advantages through the COVID-19 pandemic, but challenges remain, according to executives at 5th Kind and... More

LucidLink Shares Cloud-First Remote Production Ideas at HITS Spring

At the May 12 Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Spring event cloud software specialist LucidLink will offer ideas on how a cloud-first approach to remote produc... More

WiTH Touts its Transformation Over the Past Year

Amid the isolation and other challenges created by the pandemic, Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH) has been able to undergo a major transformation over the past year thanks to f... More

HITS Spring: Genpact Talks Bringing Your Technology Together

From lacking business insights to budget concerns for new technologies, and from broken and fragmented enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to disparate data sources, the cha... More

WiTH, Diversity Experts: Transparency Ensures DEI, Accessibility and Belonging

The ability for employees to truly understand and trust a company’s actions requires a fully open-book posture by the organization. Transparency goes a long way towards ensuri... More

2021 Edition of MESA’s Spring/Summer M&E Journal Goes Live

The spring/summer edition of the “M&E Journal,” published by MESA and geared toward senior media and entertainment executives who oversee their companies’ digital futures, is... More

Lab5 CEO Touts the Power of Creative Strategies and Being Disruptive By Design

Creative strategies and being disruptive by design can significantly help media and entertainment organisations find success, according to Jeff Julian, founder and CEO of Lab5 Syst... More

Equinix Shares Metal Success Story at HITS Spring

May 12 at the Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Spring event, Benjamin Jenkins, senior principal solutions architect for Equinix, will detail a recent success s... More

Howie Mandel Brings Bobby Back at May 12 HITS Spring

Actor, comedian and producer Howie Mandel will take the stage May 12 at the Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Spring event to introduce new technology that reim... More

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