Adobe: Marketers Say Personalization is Key

Regardless of the size of your business, getting personal with your customers is proving more important by the day, according to Adobe’s “2014 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey” results.

The study had more than 1,000 respondents worldwide — 60% from North America — and looked at interactive benchmarks around optimization and personalization across digital channels, Adobe said.

No matter the industry or scale of a business, 75% of all marketers in the Adobe study said they believe that personalization is important to their company’s long-term goals. “Every marketing leader has to make hard choices about resource allotment and is always juggling top priorities, but increasing conversion rates should always be near the top of the list,” the study reads.

Budget and time limitations are often the top barriers to personalizing digital experiences, according to survey respondents, though the top 20% of surveyed organizations said they have a conversion rate of 4.5% or more, above the 2.6% average, thanks to focused investments on analyzing and testing the digital experiences they create.

Testing is key: 70% of the top performers in Adobe’s survey regularly use testing for their digital products, compared to 46% of the remaining respondents. “The power of this approach doesn’t end with A/B splits on campaign variables and incremental conversion rate optimization,” the study reads. “There’s no better tool than an experiment to cut through red tape or help leap a silo, because good data and analysis isn’t biased or political.”

Top performers are 54% more likely to be devoting more than 5% of their budgets to optimization, to make sure their digital marketing actually counts, according to the report, with the top 20% of companies being 50% more likely to prioritize the use of barometers like mobile analytics.

“For many companies, content is the new advertising; in this digital transformation, it’s time to make content relevant to each customer if you aren’t yet,” Adobe concludes. “Whether targeting a particular audience group or just an audience of one, optimized personalization enables marketers to enhance the relevance and efficiency of new and repeat visitor experiences.