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Evolution Digital Launches New Live Streaming Service for Cable Operators Nationwide

Evolution Digital today announced the launch of a new app-based streaming video service, eVUE-NOW!, for cable and telecommunications operators across the U.S., enabling the delivery of a cost-effective skinny package of local broadcast and cable channels to consumer-owned streaming devices. The service also provides access to free IP Video on Demand content provided by the operator.

“We are proud to launch this innovative new service that gives providers a new tool to compete with other streaming apps,” said Chris Egan, CEO and co-founder at Evolution Digital. “Using our app-based service streamlines deployments and helps providers capture back a market that has steered towards virtual MVPD subscriptions. Furthermore, eVUE-NOW! is an inherently better product than competitors’ as it features universal search across all content, as well as Video on Demand and all local broadcast channels. eVUE-NOW!, bundled with the operator’s broadband offering, can be delivered at a better price point to both the operator and the consumer while supplying the viewer with the content and functionalities that they want in a video service.”

End-users will be able to view content on the leading consumer-owned streaming devices. The initial version of eVUE-NOW! delivers operator-branded apps to iOS®, Roku®, Apple TV®, Android TV® and Android® mobile devices. To further simplify the process, customers will be able to sign up for service through a web-based portal with automatic credit card billing managed by Evolution Digital. With the packaged eVUE-NOW! service, cable operators can quickly introduce and acquire new subscribers, as well as recapture cord cutters at a cost that makes sense to the consumer.

eVUE-NOW! also provides a competitive TV viewing experience featuring record, pause and fast-forward capabilities. The service allows viewers to automatically record a select number of programs per week, including TV shows, movies and events, which are stored in the cloud. Customers can then watch those recorded programs at a time that is convenient to them with full trick play modes. Viewers can select up to 20 programs to record and store that content for up to one week. After one week, the intuitive system then automatically replaces the stored program with the next available episode of that series or event.

This new IP streaming service is part of Evolution Digital’s eVUE-TV® IP video platform, which also provides cable and telco operators a low-cost solution for delivering IP Video on Demand, IP linear and network DVR services to traditional cable set top boxes. With eVUE-NOW! , Evolution is extending its platform to deliver IP video content to consumer-owned streaming devices, unlike any other IP Video delivery platform. Evolution Digital recently announced that the eVUE-TV platform now serves 23 cable and telco operators nationwide.