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Akamai CEO Eyes Company’s Largest Growth Opportunities

Akamai sees its application security and access control network security product categories as two of its largest opportunities for revenue growth over the next 3-5 years, accordin... More

MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: March 1-5

Zendesk shares what’s new with its suite of products, Sony offers an in-depth look at one of its top moviemaking cameras, and Amdocs tackles the potential of 5G made available to... More

Nielsen Upbeat on Growth Opportunities for Gracenote

Nielsen is “focused on three key growth opportunities” for its Gracenote Content Services, David Kenny, Nielsen CEO and chief diversity officer, said Feb. 25 during the company... More

Whip Media to Track Video Performance for Tastemade

Food, travel, and home design media company Tastemade has picked Whip Media and its data performance tracking solution for linear free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) to gain bett... More

Technicolor HERO Partners Weigh In on What to Expect in 2021

As we approach the one-year milestone of the global response to COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to recognize how network service providers (NSPs) around the world have risen to ... More

Dish Execs Still See Sling TV as ‘Well-Positioned,’ Eye Q3 for First Major 5G Launch City

Dish Network continues to see its Sling TV over-the-top (OTT) service as being “well-positioned” to compete in the crowded streaming TV market and the firm expects to launch it... More

Richey May Technology Talks Virtual Desktops at Feb. 25 CWMF

At the 25 Feb. Content Workflow Management Forum, “M&E’s Premiere Localisation Event,” JT Gaietto, executive director of cybersecurity for Richey May Technology Solutions, wi... More

Think of M&E as People Entertainment, Not Winners vs. Losers

A week or so ago we attended what has to be about our fifth movie screening (thanks to THR and the sponsors). We like them because we enjoy the Q&A with the directors, producers an... More

EditShare: How to Harness the Power of Automation and Logging

Automation and logging are two important tools that media organizations can use to maximize the value and efficiency of their production workflows, according to EditShare. “Ed... More

MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: Feb. 22-26

Dolby discusses optimising content for every screen, Zendesk tackles the ins and outs of the optimum customer experience, and the industry’s localisation community comes together... More

M&E Journal: It Takes an Industry: The Battle Against Video Piracy

Video piracy is not a new issue. Since the dawn of professional movie production, there have been people willing to make a fast buck by exploiting “private property in the form o... More

Adobe Highlights the Combined Strength of its Sign and Microsoft Power Platform

Many organizations today are relying on Microsoft Power Platform to connect systems, sync data sources, build workflows and create custom apps with ease, while also relying on Adob... More

Women’s Code Founder to Job Seekers: Be Unapologetic in Your Value Proposition

Job applicants should be unapologetic in their value proposition and that matters now more than ever before, according to Beate Chelette, founder of The Women’s Code, a strategic... More

Edgescan Vulnerability Stat Report Details Rough 2020

Vulnerability management services firm Edgescan has released its “2021 Vulnerability Statistics Report,” and the numbers aren’t pretty on the remote work security front. (mor... More

Zendesk Report Tackles Global Messaging Landscape

Customer service software firm Zendesk has released its annual “State of Messaging” report, offering exclusive research and insights from industry-leading messaging experts, co... More

Cognizant Steps Up Recruitment Efforts in Response to Competitive Talent Market

Cognizant has increased its recruitment efforts in the face of an especially competitive talent market, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (... More

Disney Plus Continued to Outpace Company’s Expectations in Q1, CEO Says

Disney Plus continues to see strong demand just over one year since its launch, with subscriptions increasing to 94.9 million subscribers by the end of Disney’s first quarter (en... More

Sony Exec: 2021 is a ‘Transformation Year’ After Challenging 2020

Sony Electronics has already introduced several new professional products this year and has much more coming, according to Richard Ventura, vice president of B2B at Sony Electronic... More

SMPTE Looks to Standardize Language Metadata Table

In collaboration with MESA, SMPTE is bringing the media industry’s first human- and machine-readable Language Metadata Table (LMT) into its public review process, an early step t... More

M&E Journal: Preparing for Opportunities, Complications in the Post-Pandemic Streaming Space

COVID-19 has provided a blueprint for what the in-home entertainment market will look like in 2021. Expect continued intense competition along with brand new experiences for consum... More

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