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M&E Journal: Advanced Analytics: Unlocking Data’s Full Potential

Almost 15 million years. Approximately five billion days. Or 1.3 x 1,011 hours. That’s the amount of entertainment programming Americans collectively watched on streaming serv... More

HITS Spring: Sefleuria’s CEO Explores How the M&E Industry Can Build a Framework for Ethical AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way since its early introduction into mainstream information technology (IT). With increased usage and use cases, it is critical for... More

HITS Spring: The Evolution of Virtual Production Smart Stages

Production technology over the last three years has fundamentally changed the way we work and collaborate with each other, according to industry experts. Cameras are now talking to... More

HITS Spring: CommScope Explores the Key Roles Connectivity, Servers Play in Delivering AI

Many companies are making significant investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and how well those systems will work and integrate within business unit... More

Global M+E Day: EIDR Details Its Benefits

At the June 8 Global Media & Entertainment Day, held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London and via the MESAverse virtual platform, Hollie Choi, executive director of EIDR, offered at... More

HITS Spring: Media.Monks Explores the Future of M&E Storytelling

When discussing the future of storytelling in the media and entertainment (M&E) industry, experiences in augment reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and the metaverse have to be... More

Riscure: DRM Security Trends and Future

Digital rights management (DRM) is known to protect and encrypt content in order to deliver it to the device. DRM’s main purpose is to close the gaps in content protection strate... More

ME-ISAC Details New Member Portal June 28

The Media & Entertainment Information Sharing Analysis Center (ME-ISAC) has launched a new member portal, and at its June 28 monthly meeting, Neal Dennis, a threat intelligence... More

HITS Spring: How Community Collaboration Helps M&E Innovation

The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) is the premier community for production and post-production individuals, businesses and technologies. Each year at the legendary “wee... More

HITS Spring: Better Data Management Can Keep Virtual Productions on Time and on Budget

Virtual productions rely heavily on 3D assets and when a production company is shooting in volume, the assets that are rendered in real-time have to be just right. The process o... More

HITS Spring: LMT Metadata Table Continues to Make Strides

MESA’s Language LMT Metadata Table (LMT) Working Group is moving fast, with more languages being added to serve the media and entertainment (M&E) sector and beyond all the ti... More

HITS Spring: Softtek Explores the Creation of Impact-Driven Metaverse Experiences

For the foreseeable future, enterprises are going to be expected to make major investments in building and operating metaverses, either for their entire organization or for specifi... More

Fortinet Global Survey: 93% of OT Organisations Hit with Intrusion

More than 90 percent of operational technology (OT) organisations worldwide have experienced some sort of cybersecurity intrusion over the past 12 months, and nearly 80 percent hav... More

Global M+E Day: Box Steps Up to Serve Distributed Teams

At the 8th June Global Media & Entertainment Day, held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London and via the MESAverse virtual platform, Box’s Diego Dugatkin, SVP and chief product... More

HITS Spring: CX Will Be Transformed by the Metaverse, Zendesk Says

The development of the metaverse means there is now a new realm for customer experience (CX) and, as experiences in media and entertainment change shape, customer relationships are... More

Technicolor to Become VANTIVA

Following the late-February spin-off of Technicolor Creative Studios, the remaining Connected Home and physical disc services operations of Technicolor will re-brand into VANTIVA, ... More

Language Metadata Table Featured in DAM Journal

The Language Metadata Table (LMT) will be featured in the latest edition of the Henry Stewart “Journal of Digital Media Management,” a quarterly, 100-plus-page peer-reviewed, p... More

HITS Spring: How Real-Time Workflows are Revolutionizing Production

Super Giant Robot Brothers is a fast-paced action-comedy show produced by Reel FX and coming soon to Netflix that uses virtual production and the Epic Games Unreal Engine from init... More

Video Security Summit Kicks Off June 14

The 2022 Video Security Summit, industry’s only all-digital event dedicated specifically to piracy, is set for June 14, 7:30-11:30 a.m. PT, with a host of experts set to speak on... More

HITS Spring: Epic’s Unreal Engine is the ‘Road to the Open Metaverse’

Epic Games is now incorporating its Unreal Engine more directly into not just post-production for visual effects but also the active filmmaking process, live broadcast and animatio... More

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